Center highlights: Center for Earth System Sciences and Remote Sensing Technologies II

April 2024 highlights

AnchorStudent spotlight: CESSRST II Fellows publish in peer-reviewed journals

CESSRST-II Fellows, Alana Menendez offsite link (recent graduate) and Gerardo Trossi-Torres offsite link published their research in peer-reviewed academic journals.

CESSRST II Director receives NASA Group Achievement Award

Fred Moshary, Ph.D. offsite link, Director of CESSRST II offsite link and professor of electrical Engineering at the City College of New York received the Group Achievement Award offsite link as part of the Tropospheric Ozone Lidar Network (TOLNet) from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). TOLNet is a network of Ground-Based Ozone Lidars that includes NASA, NOAA, Environment and Climate Change Canada, University of Alabama, Hampton University and City College.

CESSRST II students present at national scientific conferences

Other CESSRST-II highlights

  1. CESSRST alumnus becomes NOAA federal employee: Chowdhury Nazmi, Ph.D., was recently hired as a physical scientist at the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service working as a product portfolio manager.
  2. Four graduate students (Jake Longenecker offsite link, Alana Menendez offsite link, Zachary Paganini, offsite link and Juanita Jimenez offsite link) gave presentations about their NOAA Experiential Research and Training Opportunities (NERTO) experiences at the NOAA Seminar Series.
  3. Post graduate updates: Alana Menendez offsite link began a postdoctoral position at University of Virginia and Stephany Garcia offsite link joined the Southwest Wetland Interpretive Association as a research associate.

View the CESSRST II website for more publications offsite link and highlights offsite link.


January 2024 highlights

 Eder Herrera, wearing a mask, stands on a dock in front of a large NOAA research vessel. He appears small compared to the size of the ship, and his hands are raised and reaching out enthusiastically.
CESSRST-II Ph.D. Fellow, Eder Herrera on a NOAA calibration/validation cruise on NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette in Port Harbor, Hawaiʻi. Eder graduated from the City University of New York with a Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences on Sep. 1, 2023, and continues as a postdoc at the City College of New York. (Image credit: Courtesy of Eder Herrera)

AnchorStudent spotlight: CESSRST-II Fellows publish in peer-reviewed journals

CESSRST-II Cohort 1 Ph.D. Fellows, Keneshia Hibbert (CUNY) published a paper offsite link on sea surface temperature and vertical wind shear in Journal of Atmosphere and Danielle Lafarga (SDSU) published her research offsite link on sea surface temperature data reconstruction using three dimensional empirical orthogonal functions, a statistical method for studying spatial variability over time, in Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography.

CESSRST-II faculty appointed as lead author for the third decadal U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan

Maria Tzortziou, Ph.D., professor of earth and atmospheric sciences at the City College of New York (CCNY) was appointed to be the lead author for the third decadal U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan. The Third Decadal Plan Author Working Group will be responsible for developing an updated, revised, or new science plan for U.S. carbon cycle science, identifying challenges and priorities for the next decade (~2025-2035) and involving the broader community.

CESSRST-II faculty and students are recognized at the annual NOAA NESDIS/STAR award ceremony

On December 14, 2023, the NESDIS Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR) held its annual award ceremony. During this event, several CESSRST faculty and students were recognized for their work and contributions including. Alex Gilerson, Ph.D., who was recognized for his contributions to Ocean Color Satellite Sensor and Product Validation and CESSRST-II Ph.D. fellow Keneshia Hibbert who was recognized for her work and publication on ocean analysis, sea surface temperature, and vertical wind shear. Also recognized was the CCNY Atmospheric Emissions and Reactions Observed from Megacities to Marine Areas (AEROMMA) Team including Fred Moshary, Ph.D.; Yonghua Wu, Ph.D.; Harold Gamarro; Thomas Ely; Jorge Gonzalez, Ph.D.; and Prathap Ramamurthy, Ph.D., for their contributions to the NOAA AEROMMA campaign.

Other CESSRST-II highlights

  1. Several CESSRST alumni joined NOAA including Veeshan Narinesingh, Ph.D., who is now working as a physical scientist at NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Engela Sthapit, Ph.D., who joined NOAA Physical Sciences Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, as research scientist and Margarita Kulko, master’s at CCNY who is now working as a research scientist at IM Systems Group, Inc., in support of NOAA.
  2. CESSRST Faculty, Maria Tzortziou, Ph.D., was also appointed to Ocean Research Advisory Panel. Read More offsite link.

For more highlights and publications, view the CESSRST-II Quarterly Newsletter offsite link (PDF version offsite link).