National evaluation

Learn more about the B-WET national evaluation system and how you can participate.

B-WET has created a national evaluation system to monitor program activities and outcomes. Results of this evaluation will be used to improve the program. Once data are available, B-WET staff will use these data to develop informed targets to gauge the program’s success. Grantees have access to reports that collect their participating teachers’ responses to inform their project development. The national evaluation system complements the excellent project-level evaluation work conducted by grantees.

Are you a grantee who has been asked to participate in the B-WET evaluation system, or a grant applicant who is considering how you might be able to in the future? Please see the resources below to learn about how you can contribute.

The evaluation system is designed to answer the following four questions about the B-WET grant program:

  • To what extent do B-WET-funded projects increase teachers’ knowledge of watershed science concepts, their confidence in their ability to integrate MWEEs into their teaching practices, and the likelihood that they will implement high quality MWEEs?
  • To what extent do B-WET-funded projects increase students’ knowledge of watershed concepts, attitudes toward watersheds, inquiry and stewardship skills, and aspirations towards protecting watersheds?​

Resources for Evaluation System Participants

As part of this evaluation system, recipients of B-WET grants and teacher-participants in grantees’ professional development programs are asked to voluntarily complete online questionnaires to provide evaluation data. One individual from each grantee organization will be asked to complete a questionnaire once per year of the award. For projects that work with teachers, the teacher-participants will be asked (using email addresses provided by the grantee organization) to complete one questionnaire at the close of their professional development and one after implementing MWEEs with their students (at the end of the following school year). Grantees should be able to complete their questionnaire within 30-60 minutes (depending on the nature of their program) and teachers, within 30 minutes. B-WET grantees and teachers who respond to the questionnaires will remain anonymous.

Grantee instructions (PDF)

Start here to learn about the mechanics of the evaluations system and how you can participate.

Frequently asked questions

Comprehensive list of common questions from grantees. Please check here to see if your question is answered before contacting your program manager.

Evaluation overview webinar presentation slides (PDF)

This webinar provides an overview of the B-WET national evaluation system with specific details about how grantees can participate (Updated September, 2020). Click here to view the recordingoffsite link. (46 minutes, Adobe Connect)

Evaluation questionnaires: (Revised 2019)

Sample text for communicating with teacher participants about this project (DOC)

Text that may be used to customize a grant-specific teacher prenotification about the data collection.

B-WET Watershed Education Literature Review (PDF)

A literature review of watershed education-related research to inform NOAA B-WET’s evaluation system - Completed September, 2011 by Dr. Michaela Zint, University of Michigan

Student data collection

(Note: this information is not collected at the national level as part of the national evaluation system.)

  • Guidance for Measuring Student MWEE Outcomes and Student Item Bank (PDF) — This document provides guidance on how to use the B-WET Student Item Bank: Elementary (grades 4-5) and secondary (grades 6-12) measures developed by the University of Michigan and eeEvaluations to assess students’ science learning, watershed literacy, and environmental stewardship outcomes.

2012 B-WET National Evaluation Plan (PDF)

Original evaluation plan; documents listed above have been updated since this plan was developed.

This data collection is conducted in a manner consistent with OMB guidelines (OMB Control No 0648-0658).

For more information you may contact your regional B-WET program manager or the B-WET National Coordinator, Bronwen Rice, 202-482-6797,