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Awardee Next Steps

In addition to the series of documents, our website has additional information and resources that may be beneficial. Learn more about the next steps in the process here.

Infographic showing the Grants Life Cycle - KEY: (F)= Federal User Functionality; (G)= Grantee and Federal User Functionality; (R)=Reviewer Functionality - Column 1, Pre-Award: (F) Create/Review RFA/FFO in Grants Online, Post FFO/Application at; (F) Notify Applicants (Non-Comp only); (G) Submit Applications via; (F) Receive Applications via; (F) Review Application Packages (Minimum Requirements); (R) Review, Evaluate Applications - Column 2, Award: (F) Recommend Applicant

NOAA Grants Online

All NOAA awards are administered using the Grants Online system which is the Grant solution for awarding and monitoring financial assistance actions.

Grants Online-Recipient User Manual

The Recipient User Manual shows the step by step essentials for using the Grants Online system. 

Financial Assistance Guidance

Financial Report Guidance

NOAA requires recipients to submit financial reports (SF-425) through the Grants Online system.  Click here to learn more on submitting reports.

Progress Report Guidance

Recipients must submit regular reports (called "Performance Progress Reports" or "Research Performance Progress Reports") documenting the project throughout its lifespan. Click here to learn more on submitting regular reports.

Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR)

The Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) benefits recipients by making it easier for them to administer Federal grant and cooperative agreement programs through standardization of the types of information required in the performance reports.

Fill out the Research Performance Progress Report Form here.

Audit Requirements / Single Audit Guidance

Recipients are required to conduct an annual audit if they have expended $750,000 or more in federal funds in a fiscal year. Click here to get more guidance on audits.

Monitoring and Site Visit Guidance

The purpose of monitoring is to ensure that federal funds are spent wisely, and that projects are on track. Click here to learn more on monitoring of federal funds.

Non-compliance / Enforcement Actions Guidance

When government intervention is necessary, several procedures have been established when the recipient’s performance is unsatisfactory and/or a recipient is not in compliance with the award terms and conditions. Click here to learn more about non-compliance / enforcement actions.

Closeout Guidance

To properly closeout expired financial assistance awards the recipient must complete all closeout activities, which includes all federal reports both Financial and Performance reports as well as final withdrawals on funds to pay invoices that were incurred during the life of the project. Click here to view the Closeout Guidance.

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