How to develop a strategic partnership with NOAA

Roughly 50% of procurement at NOAA is done through Small Businesses

  1. Identify your product or service

  2. Register your business

  3. Identify opportunities within NOAA

    • Identify what each NOAA Line/Staff/Corporate Office procures by reviewing NOAA’s top NAICS code list and the NOAA Commerce Procurement Forecast. Familiarize yourself with each Line/Staff/Corporate Office’s mission to enhance your ability to provide meaningful solutions specific to that organization. If you have questions about a specific requirement, contact the POC listed there for further information.
    • The NOAA Small Business Office hosts Industry Engagement Meetings on a weekly basis, but by appointment only. Please see the Small Business Calendar offsite link for current availability and self-reservation instructions.
    • Review the Small Business Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If additional questions are required, please contact the NOAA Small Business Office.
  4. Identify current NOAA procurement opportunities

    • Identify current procurement opportunities in your product or service area by checking, which can assist you in identifying NOAA requirements and send you e-mail notifications of released requirements.
  5. Familiarize yourself with NOAA contracting procedures

  6. Investigate Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contracts

  7. Seek additional assistance as needed

    • Request training and counseling on marketing, financial, and contracting issues at minimal or no cost from APEX Accelerators. These programs are located in most states and are partially funded by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to provide small business concerns with information on how to do business with DOD and other Government agencies.
    • Consult with the SBA’s Procurement Center Representatives (PCRs) and the SBA Business Development Centers. The SBA provides NOAA with a PCR that oversees all purchasing through a centralized location.
    • Get free and confidential mentoring by former CEOs through SCORE offsite link.
  8. Explore subcontracting opportunities

  9. Investigate the NOAA Small Business Innovation Research Program!

  10. Market your firm well!!!

    • After you have identified your customers, researched their requirements, and familiarize yourself with NOAA procurement regulations and strategies, it is time to market your product or service. Present your capabilities directly to the NOAA Line/Corporate/Staff Offices that buy your products or services. Realize that, as with yours, their time is valuable. If the match is a good one, you can provide them with a cost-effective, quality solution to their requirements. Good luck!