About AGO

Supporting the mission through acquisition and financial assistance services throughout NOAA

AGO Leadership Team

The Acquisition and Grants Office (AGO) provides high-value services to NOAA Line and Staff Offices, compliant with laws and regulations, on time, and at the best value to the government through the planning, solicitation, award, administration, and closeout of nearly 23,000 acquisition and financial assistance transactions annually. NOAA’s ability to accomplish its mission and achieve its goals depends significantly on AGO’s ability to process over $4.6 billion annually in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements. AGO is managed by:

FY 2022 Summary

Over 21,314 acquisition transactions were executed to obligate $1.8 billion and manage over 5,008 active awards.In addition, AGO executed over 2,582 financial assistance transactions to award $2.8 billion and manage over 4,103 active awards.  NOAA also successfully executed over 11,000 closeout actions. 

NOAA advocates for small business awards, accomplishing approximately 53 percent overall small business achievement for the year. AGO also continued to place emphasis on NOAA’s two key strategic sourcing initiatives: NOAALink program and ProTech Acquisition Initiative to improve efficiency and reduce costs. 

Acquisition and grants office organization chart


Our Mission

Enable the NOAA mission through premier acquisition and financial assistance solutions. 

Our Vision

Valued as strategic business advisors advancing the NOAA mission through strong partnerships with clients and internal and external stakeholders. 

Core Values  

Inclusion: Strive to create a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, and can contribute fully to the organization's success.   

Innovation: Constantly engage with our clients and industry to bring cutting-edge technology and solutions to address NOAA’s complex requirements. 

Integrity: Conduct ourselves with the highest degree of fiduciary responsibility, ethics, and fairness. 

Excellence: Consistently deliver a superior experience and high quality outcomes for our clients and the American people. 

Acquisition Divisions

The AGO provides the full range of acquisition support services, including acquisition planning, contract award, and contract administration, for NOAA Offices in accordance with applicable procurement laws, regulations, policies and procedures. AGO staff serve as business advisers to NOAA Line and Staff Offices in all acquisition matters to efficiently and effectively deliver the capabilities needed to support the unique missions of NOAA.

The AGO acquisition divisions and the clients they support are:  

Corporate Services Acquisition

The Corporate Services Acquisition Division (CSAD), based in Silver Spring, MD, is responsible for the award and management of strategically sourced vehicles for use by the other acquisition divisions. Roughly 26.3% of NOAA dollars are awarded via NOAA’s two Strategic Sourcing Vehicles, NOAALink which provides IT infrastructure planning and acquisition services, and ProTech which provides professional and technical services, in support of NOAA’s four domains: Satellite, Fisheries, Weather, and Oceans.  

The CSAD Director is Michael Conroy.

Satellite and Information Acquisition

The Satellite and Information Acquisition Division (SIAD), based in Silver Spring, MD, is responsible for developing and executing contracts for the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) across the United States and the Pacific Islands.  

The SIAD Director is Rafael Rivera. 

Eastern Acquisition

The Eastern Acquisition Division (EAD), based in Kansas City, MO, and Norfolk, VA, provides acquisition support to the National Weather Service (NWS) Headquarters Office, NWS Eastern and Central Regions, Office of Marine and Aviation Operations (OMAO), National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Headquarters, NMFS Northeast and Southeast Offices, National Ocean Service (NOS) Headquarter Offices and NOS Offices east of the Mississippi. 

The EAD Director is Melissa R. Sampson. 

Western Acquisition

The Western Acquisition Division (WAD), based in Boulder, CO, and Seattle, WA, provides acquisition support to NMFS, Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR), NOS, and NWS offices across the United States and the Pacific Islands.  

The WAD Director is Chad Hepp . 

AGO Financial Assistance

Grants Management

The Grants Management Division (GMD), based in Silver Spring, MD, awards, monitors, and closes out financial assistance awards to meet the mission of NOAA and other DOC bureaus. In addition, GMD ensures compliance with all audit-related requirements for grants.  Guidance and assistance are provided to all levels of NOAA and DOC bureaus on financial assistance policies, procedures, and administrative guidelines involving financial assistance management. 

The GMD Director is Arlene Simpson Porter. 

AGO Headquarters Divisions

Staff Services Management

The Staff Services Management Division (SSMD), based in Silver Spring, MD,  supports all AGO staff in the areas of budget, human resources, program analysis and planning, federal certifications and warrants, contract closeout services, and administrative services. It develops AGO budget projections, processes annual budgets, and tracks expenditures against allocations. SSMD is also responsible for the correspondence for the Office of the Director, personal property management, employee safety & accountability, employee development, and support of the Continuity of Operations Planning for AGO. The Division prepares AGO employee actions including recruitments, promotions, within-grade increases, transfers, and terminations.

The AGO Chief of Staff and SSMD Director is Adam Basch.

Policy and Oversight

The Policy and Oversight Division (POD), based in Kansas City, MO, and Silver Spring, MD, develops NOAA acquisition and grants policy and procedures and provides guidance and technical advice on contracting matters. The Division analyzes pending legislation, statutes, Executive Orders, Government Accountability Office (GAO) decisions, GAO and Inspector General (IG) audit reports, proposed and recently passed regulations, and DOC policy; recommends or develops appropriate implementing instructions, policy and procedures; advises top-level management on acquisitions for complex equipment, supplies, and services; and advises on program plans and priorities. POD gathers data and prepares reports to support the Director in the internal operations of AGO and responds to external requests for information. It also oversees the functional and efficient operation of electronic acquisition systems and provides help desk support services.  POD manages the AGO Small Business Office, based in Silver Spring, MD, which advises AGO management and staff on matters relating to the development, evaluation and implementation of the Federal and Commerce small business procurement program, policies and regulations. The Small Business Office also ensures that small businesses have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in contracts. The Division also manages the Acquisition Quality Management Program that manages compliance, self-inspection, and quality control functions, and oversees the Commerce BankCard Center Program. 

The POD Director is Binita Sharma.


Members of client organizations, industry, academia and the public may access the Ombudsman for assistance in resolving concerns they may have involving AGO policies, decisions or procedures. The Ombudsman serves as a neutral, independent intermediary on acquisition and grants matters, facilitating and fostering improved communication between NOAA staff, industry, academia and the public. The Ombudsman is based in Silver Spring, MD.  

The AGO Ombudsman and Risk Manager is Rafael Roman