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Need an expert, an image, an important statistic or a compelling earth science story? NOAA Communications (@NOAAComms) is here to help. Our staff of public affairs and digital media specialists work with news producers, digital and print reporters, photojournalists, videographers, bloggers and others on behalf of NOAA's diverse scientific mission areas. 

We also engage the public, stakeholders and partners in the U.S. and abroad through social media and NOAA.gov.

See these resources and contact information that follows:


Media contacts 

NOAA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

For interviews with NOAA leadership and information on policy issues, budget, and legislation

Scott Smullen, Deputy Director
Chris Vaccaro, Senior Media Relations Specialist


NOAA National Environmental Satellite and Information Service

Satellite images, satellite operations, environmental data, historical weather and climate data

John Leslie, 301-713-0214
John Bateman, 301-713-9604

NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service

Sustainable fisheries (commercial and recreational fishing), protected resources (whales, dolphins, seals and sea turtles), endangered species, habitat, aquaculture, international fishing and marine mammal issues, seafood inspection, Marine Mammal Protection Act, Magnuson-Stevens Act, Endangered Species Act, law enforcement, and ocean fishing regulations

Kate Goggin, 202-924-5114

Alaska Region (Juneau, Alaska)

Julie Fair, 907-586-7032 
Maggie Mooney-Seus, 206-526-4348

Greater Atlantic Region (Gloucester, Massachusetts)

Allison Ferreria, 978-281-9103
Teri Frady, 508-495-2239
Shelley Dawicki, 508-495-2378

West Coast Region

Michael Milstein503-231-6268 (Portland, Oregon)
Karen Edson, 562-400-9012

Southeast Region (St. Petersburg, Florida)

Kim Amendola, 727-551-5707
Allison Garrett, 727-551-5707

Pacific Islands Region (Honolulu)

Stefanie Gutierrez, 808-725-5020
Ingrid Biedron, 808-725-5735

NOAA National Ocean Service

Coral reefs, coastal resource management, estuarine research reserves, harmful algal blooms, hazardous spill response and restoration, marine protected areas, marine sanctuaries, nautical charts, ocean observing systems, and tides and water levels

Jennie Lyons, 202-603-9372

NOAA National Weather Service

National Weather Service
Severe weather, NOAA Weather Radio, weather safety information

Susan Buchanan, 301-427-9000
Maureen O'Leary, 301-427-9000
Jasmine Blackwell, 301-427-9000


Storm Prediction Center, Norman, Oklahoma.
Severe storms, tornadoes, fire weather outlooks, storm chasing
Keli Pirtle, 405-325-6933
National Hurricane Center
Tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and the eastern Pacific
Dennis Feltgen, 305-229-4404
NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Prediction
Includes NOAA Climate Prediction Center
Seasonal outlooks, drought, climate prediction, El Nino and La Nina
Lauren Gaches, 301-683-1327
Space Weather Prediction Center, Boulder, Colorado.
Solar and geomagnetic storms, solar cycles, auroras
Theo Stein, 303-497-6288

NOAA Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

Climate, weather, polar, ocean, and coastal research, tsunamis, ocean acidification, global monitoring and observation. Monica Allen, 301-734-1123
Office of Ocean Exploration
NOAA's center for new activities to explore and better understand the oceans. 
Monica Allen, 301-734-1123
Earth System Research Laboratory
Atmospheric science, climate change, ozone depletion, weather, air quality.
Theo Stein, 303-497-6288
(Boulder, Colorado) 

NOAA Office of Marine and Aviation Operations

Research ships and aircraft, NOAA Corps

David Hall, 301-713-7671
Jonathan Shannon, 863-267-1867