NOAA FY22-26 Strategic Plan

Building a Climate Ready Nation

NOAA is pleased to provide its Strategic Plan for FY 2022-26 and executive summary.

The Plan aligns with the Department of Commerce Strategic Plan released in March 2022 and features three major priority areas: 

  1. Building a Climate Ready Nation by establishing NOAA as the primary federal authoritative provider of climate information and services in the whole-of-government response to tackling the climate crisis;
  2. Integrating equity into core operations; and
  3. Promoting economic development while maintaining environmental stewardship with a focus on advancing the New Blue Economy. 


NOAA is in every community in the U.S. working hand-in-hand with partners
locally and sharing best practices globally. No matter the need, people know
they can turn to us for reliable, easy-to-use climate and extreme weather
information to help make informed decisions that help save lives and livelihoods.

Richard W. Spinrad, Ph.D.
Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere & NOAA Administrator