5th NOAA AI Workshop (2023)

September 19-21, 2023: 5th NOAA AI Workshop on Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Environmental Sciences

Video recordings offsite link available for sessions (click on "Watch Recording")


    Opening Plenary: State of AI in Environmental Sciences

    This year’s interactive, virtual workshop focused on collaboration building and active development of AI-powered applications and community standards. We invited developers, data scientists, domain experts, social scientists, and downstream users to form small teams around different use cases that are relevant to NOAA mission areas. This workshop collaborated around two themes:

    • Benchmarking Framework: AI research and development in environmental sciences require a benchmarking framework to ensure objective evaluation and accelerate adoption. The discussion around benchmarking framework will include high-priority application areas that are relevant to NOAA mission areas, AI-ready data sets, baseline models, desired performance metrics, cataloging mechanisms, and governance needs.
    • Research-to-Operation-to-Research (R2O2R): R2O2R is a critical process to enable research and development activities to be transitioned into operational environments while evolving operational needs can further inspire new research. The workshop will focus on identifying the challenges caused by the differences, if any, between the R2O2R processes for AI and traditional applications that have been implemented by NOAA and the community. 

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