3rd NOAA AI Workshop

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NOAA AI Workshop 2021 (NCEI)

September 13-17, 2021: 3rd NOAA Workshop on Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Environmental Sciences

10/21/21: Meeting recordings of the presentations are now available

This virtual workshop was a continuation of the NOAA series on “Leveraging AI in Environmental Sciences.” The third event continued the successes of previous workshops and encouraged participation by scientists, program managers, and leaders from the public, academic and private sectors who work in AI and environmental sciences. The theme was “Transforming Weather, Climate Services, and Blue Economy with Artificial Intelligence.” 

This workshop was a virtual event supported by Earth Science Information Partners offsite link

This workshop also hosted a joint virtual hackathon event together with the Climate Informatics offsite link community on the topic of wildfire, marine heatwaves, and climate model emulation.


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    Topics in the workshop, including: AI for Weather and Climate, AI for Blue Economy, Trustworthy and Responsible AI, Community of Practice and Workforce Development, Seamless AI Systems, Research-to-Operation/Commercialization, and Tools and Datasets.


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    Plenary Session Speakers

    Dr. Richard (Rick) Spinrad, Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere & NOAA Administrator
    Dr. Lynne E. Parker, Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer & Director of OSTP National AI Initiative Office
    Dr. Elham Tabassi, Chief of Staff, NIST Information Technology Laboratory
    Dr. Emilie Roth, Roth Cognitive Engineering
    Dr. Pedro Rodriguez, Applied Physics Laboratory
    Prof. Stephen Belcher, Chief Scientist, UK Met Office
    Dr. Laure Zanna, New York University
    Dr. Amy McGovern, University of Oklahoma
    Dr. Jason Hickey, Google Research
    Dr. Enrico Camporeale, University of Colorado, Boulder
    Christin Khan, NOAA Fisheries
    Dr. DaNa Carlis, Deputy Director, NOAA Global Systems Laboratory
    Dr. Shirley Malcom, Director, AAAS SEA Change Program
    Dr. Alyson Wilson, Associate Vice Chancellor, North Carolina State University
    Dr. Rose Hendrix, Allen Institute for AI
    Jebb Steward, NOAA Global Systems Laboratory
    Dr. Julie Demuth, National Center for Atmospheric Research
    Dr. Ann Bostrom, University of Washington
    Dr. Lak Lakshmanan, Google Cloud

    Scientific Organizing Committee

    Eric Kihn, NOAA/NESDIS/NCEI, Co-Chair
    Rob Redmon, NOAA/NESDIS/NCEI, Co-Chair
    Yuhan (Douglas) Rao, CISESS, NC State University, Co-Chair
    Sid Boukabara, NOAA/NESDIS/STAR
    Vladimir Krasnopolsky, NOAA/NWS/NCEP
    Gregory Dusek, NOAA/NOS
    Benjamin Richard, NOAA/NMFS
    Jebb Stewart, NOAA/OAR/ESRL
    V Ramaswamy, NOAA/GFDL
    John Ten Hoeve, NOAA/NWS Office of Org. Excellence
    Nikunj Oza, NASA/Ames and NASA/ESTO
    Kirstine Dale, UK Met Office
    Amy McGovern, University Of Oklahoma
    Phillippe Tissot, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
    Sue E. Haupt, NCAR
    Julie Demuth, NCAR
    Ann Bostrom, University of Washington
    John Williams, The Weather Company, an IBM Business
    Jason Hickey, Google