During the holidays

50 ways to love your ocean and coasts

  • 45. Don’t buy products or food made from rare or endangered marine animals.

    This includes shark fins, sea turtle shells, whale ivory, or corals. All marine mammals are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act and endangered and threatened species are protected under the Endangered Species Act. Learn more here.

  • 46. Make festive decorations out of reusable or natural materials.

    Don’t go plastic - consider more natural options, such as fallen pine tree branches to create wreaths or greenery to hang on banisters, doors, or porches. Stringing popcorn is a fun way to create a decoration, or create a snow globe out of a glass jar.

  • 47. Skip the store-bought wrapping paper.

    Extra pieces of cloth will work, or consider one gift that can “hold” other gifts - a fun bag, sweater, scarf, etc. Many types of wrapping paper are not recyclable because non-paper materials are added for decoration and durability.

  • 48. Give gifts that don’t need to be wrapped.

    Donations to organizations made in the receiver's name are good for everybody.