How to participate

For companies, organizations, and individuals interested in joining with NOAA's Big Data Project, several “data alliances” have been formed. Each data alliance is anchored by a participating Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) institution (a “Collaborator”), and represents a market ecosystem built around one or more of NOAA’s datasets. The data alliance is a flexible concept, and may consist of larger companies that represent various economic sectors, such as the weather or insurance industries, specialized small business, value-added resellers, entrepreneurs, researchers and non-profits, etc. The data alliance structure allows market forces to act on the identification, extraction, and development of NOAA public data resources, and provides a mechanism for interested parties to work together to develop new business and research opportunities. The organizations comprising the ecosystem are free to participate in multiple data alliances.

For more information, visit one of the NOAA Big Data collaborators, or contact the NOAA Big Data Project Director:

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