North Atlantic Regional Team

John Hare
Regional Team Lead:
Jon Hare, Director,
Northeast Fisheries Science Center
Photo of Nicole Bartlett
Regional Coordinator:
Nicole Bartlett,
Northeast Fisheries Science Center

NOAA’s North Atlantic Regional Collaboration Team currently focuses on two topical areas: Climate & Watersheds and Coastal & Ocean Uses. This includes NOAA collaboration on habitat restoration, working waterfronts, offshore wind, and aquaculture, as well as climate and ecosystem monitoring and community resilience. Engagement and a functional focus on diversity, equity and inclusion round out our current priorities. 

The NART works towards a singular goal: that North Atlantic communities are healthier and more resilient to a changing environment as a result of our work. The team shares local and regional knowledge; solicits/gathers stakeholder needs; provides support for place-based efforts (e.g. NOAA Habitat Focus Areas); matches partners with NOAA funding sources/grant opportunities and NOAA technical assistance; and ensures NOAA tools are available, integrated and consistent. We help build a more informed and inclusive NOAA community, and provide career opportunities for students.

North Atlantic Team Members Photo

NOAA Regional Team Members: