NOAA Regional Collaboration Network Announces Climate and Equity Pilot Projects

Supporting equitable climate resilience through projects focused on community involvement, equity and environmental justice.

The NOAA Regional Collaboration Network is supporting NOAA’s commitment to sustained engagement with underserved communities through seven pilot projects in the coming years. Each regional pilot will respond directly to feedback received from partners during Climate and Equity roundtable discussions. Pilots will take a unique, place-based approach to helping vulnerable communities better understand, prepare for, and respond to climate change. 

NOAA Central Region Collaboration Team - Building Knowledge to Support Equitable Climate
Resilience in the Upper Mississippi River Basin 

NOAA will partner with Cooperative Institute for Research to Operations in Hydrology through the University of Alabama, the University of Minnesota, and the Upper Mississippi River Basin Association, to improve direct engagement with community members and leaders in underserved communities along the Mississippi River. Examples of deliverables include engagement strategies tailored for different communities based on their demographics and most pressing issues. This will ensure that lasting efforts are created, rather than individual and discrete events. The pilot also includes collaborating with federal agencies, states, academia, non-profits, and Mississippi River communities to better understand the potential long term flow patterns, changes in variability, and changes to extreme events through a study of the Upper Mississippi River. The results of the study will provide data, particularly to the communities with the most need, to build resilience in response to a changing climate.

Information on upcoming pilot projects will be available as they are announced.