NOAA awards $2.3 million to establish a long-term partnership with American Meteorological Society

September 28, 2017 NOAA’s Office of Education awarded approximately $2.3 million to support a long-term partnership with the American Meteorological Society (AMS).
Teachers doing the "hand-twist model" activity to better understand flow about high and low pressure systems as part of the long-term partnership between AMS and NOAA.

The Environmental Literacy Program provides grants for programs that educate and inspire people to use Earth system sciences and supports long-term partnerships that enable the education community to incorporate and deliver NOAA's latest scientific information on the topics of the ocean, coasts, weather, and climate.

Through this award, the AMS will provide professional development in atmospheric and ocean sciences to K-12 teachers from across the nation. The award will also enable the AMS to design curricula for introductory college-level Earth science courses, aimed to prepare pre-service teachers. In addition, it will allow the AMS to fund undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships that support workforce development and diversity in the fields of atmospheric, oceanic, and hydrologic sciences.