Quiz: Find the right Earth Day activity for you!

Are you looking for a way to honor our planet this Earth Day, but not sure where to start?

Take our Earth Day quiz to help spark some ideas that meet you where you are. Think of it as an ‘a la carte’ menu for those who want to do something, but can't do it all. 

Doing an Earth-friendly activity is one way to get re-energized about the environment, whether it's making a change in your own life or contributing to a larger cause. We’ve sorted activities into five categories to make it easier for you to find a way to connect with the planet this Earth Day. 

Take the quiz below to figure out which category suits your environmental goals and interests, or browse the five categories! Then, share your results on social media. 

Text-only Earth Day activity quiz

Before you start

Grab a pen and paper or open a text file where you can keep track of which letters you select. As you select your answers, write down the letter you chose for each question.

1. When you think about taking action for Earth day, which of these statements resonates with you the most?

  1. I want to do more, but I don’t have the time.

  2. I want to live more sustainably, but am overwhelmed by the information and options.
  3. I want to inspire others to be as committed to the environment as I am.
  4. I’m not sure where to get started on taking environmental actions.
  5. Earth Day is like any other day for me — I think about environmental issues frequently.

2. What kind of activity would give you the biggest sense of joy or accomplishment?

  1. Making progress towards a goal and checking off “to-dos.”

  2. Making a lasting lifestyle change for the better.
  3. Helping others to make a positive change or accomplish their goals.
  4. Learning something new or starting a new hobby.
  5. Taking a well-earned vacation or staycation.

3. Which statement resonates with you the most?

  1. I wish I could do more, but the environment isn't at the top of my mind compared to other concerns.

  2. I feel most empowered by making tangible changes in my own life related to the environment.
  3. I think my time is better spent contributing to group actions than on my individual day-to-day choices.
  4. I wish I knew more about environmental issues and how they are connected with other topics I care about.
  5. I'm already doing so much, but it feels like it's never enough.

4. If you had an unexpected day off, which of these options would be the most appealing?

  1. Check things off of my to-do list.

  2. Tackle a larger project or start working towards a change I’ve been wanting to make.
  3. Host a get-together or organize an outing for friends.
  4. Read a book or listen to a podcast about a topic I’m interested in.
  5. I am thrilled to have a break — I’ll spend a lowkey, relaxing day at home or out and about.

5. You have a task to do. Which of these would help motivate you to complete it?

  1. Just getting something checked off my to-do list is enough motivation! Anything is progress.

  2.  Knowing that the task was supporting one of my long-term goals. 
  3. If the task would serve a larger purpose — the satisfaction of helping another person or cause motivates me.
  4. Finding an aspect of the task that sparks my interest or curiosity.
  5. If I could take some time to relax first, I would come back ready to take it on.

The Earth Day activity category that best suits you this year is ...

The letter you selected most often is the category that aligns most with your answers. If you selected one of each category, you might be fulfilled by a variety of different activities — check out the example activities in each category to see if any of them appeal to you!

  1. Take one action
  2. Establish a new habit
  3. Take on a larger role
  4. Learn something new
  5. Stay ‘down to Earth’


Earth Day action category