NOAA Central Region Collaboration Team Priorities and Activities


NOAA Central Regional Collaboration Team
FY 2023 Priorities and Activities


Priority Area 1: Enhance NOAA Regional Climate Services through Relationship Building.

  • Support NOAA Climate and Equity Pilot: Building Knowledge to Support Equitable Climate Resilience 
  • Promote Opportunities to Create Capabilities of Communicating Climate Change and Strengthening Climate Partnerships 
  • Enhance Climate Resources and Partnerships Page


Priority Area 2: Cultivate a Nutrient Runoff Information Network to Connect the Mississippi River Basin. 

  • Lead Cross-Regional Collaboration Team Nutrient Runoff Working Group 
  • Pilot “Federal Family Forum” to Ensure Connections Related to Nutrient Runoff Between Federal Agencies (EPA, NASA, USGS)


Priority Area 3: Increase Awareness of NOAA

  • Execute Webinars and In-Reach Messages to the Region
  • Conduct Strategic Rollout of Communications Resources and NOAA Ambassador Program
  • Support Native American Internship with NOAA Boulder’s Outreach and Coordination Committee


Priority Area 4: Develop Research to Demonstration Connections and Opportunities.

  • Organize a OAR and NWS Collaborative Review of Research to Operations Processes


Priority Area 5: Cultivate a Culture that Values and Supports the Mental Well-being of NOAA staff.

  • Complete Evaluation of “Outward Mindset” Training Workshops
  • Promote Collaboration and Increase Awareness of NOAA Resources Related to Well-being