New Employees

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Welcome aboard! We are excited to have you a part of the NOAA family.  As you prepare for your first day with us, commonly known as your Entrance on Duty, please complete all of the new hire forms found on the USA Staffing website provided in your Final Job Offer Letter.  Just login into your USA Staffing account through  Questions about forms should be sent to CSDOperations@noaa.govQuestions on Federal benefits and retirement should be sent to


ID Badges and Computer Access


All NOAA employees are required to obtain an ID Badge known as a Common Access Card (CAC) for both facility and computer access.

New employees must call the CAC office at 301-713-3294 to confirm their status in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) before obtaining their CAC.  The CAC operator will verify that they have a NOAA email address in their DEERS profile. If there is no NOAA email address in their profile, the new employee must provide it.  They can obtain their NOAA email address from their NOAA supervisor. 

CAC issuance is by appointment only. Appointments are scheduled online at:


Transfer Employees (in addition to the above forms)

  • Loan Payment Coupon
    • Until your TSP load have been transferred to NOAA
  • Benefeds
    • Dental and Vision will not transfer, please contact Benefeds to complete this process
  • Final Leave & Earnings statement
    • This will come after your final paycheck from your previous agency


Federal Benefits

We’re here to help. Please reach out to the points of contacts listed on your official offer letter.