New Employees

Group of business people creating a huddle. (shutterstock)

Welcome aboard! As you prepare for your first day with us, commonly known as your Entrance on Duty, please print out and complete the following forms. Bring these with you to New Employee Orientation, along with two acceptable forms of identification.

New Hire Forms (for all new NOAA employee's):


For Instructions on completing the New Hire Forms Package, please view the:

Transfer Employees (in addition to the above forms)

  • Loan Payment Coupon
    • Until your TSP load have been transferred to NOAA
  • Benefeds
    • Dental and Vision will not transfer, please contact Benefeds to complete this process
  • Final Leave & Earnings statement
    • This will come after your final paycheck from your previous agency


Federal Benefits

We’re here to help. Please reach out to the points of contacts listed on your official offer letter.