Statement from Dr. Kathryn Sullivan on new marine protected area in Ross Sea

Adelie penguins in the Ross Sea.

Adelie penguins in the Ross Sea. (Image credit: iStock)

"This week's announcement of the creation of a Marine Protected Area in the Antarctic is truly historic. Home to a variety of penguins, seals, whales, seabirds, and fish, the Ross Sea is one of the most pristine places left in the world's ocean. This new designation, which took years of scientific research and international diplomacy, reflects the recognition of 25 governments that we have a shared responsibility to protect this unique place for future generations.

"Our work is just beginning; through the establishment of a unique laboratory, we'll be able to investigate the impact of climate change, and other human activities, on our environment. I'm proud that NOAA's science, service, and stewardship are on the front lines of furthering our understanding of this remarkable part of the world." 

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