NOAA celebrating Golden Anniversary throughout 2020

The top photos from NOAA Instagram in 2019

The top photos from NOAA Instagram in 2019 (Image credit: NOAA)

NOAA is kicking off a year-long celebration to mark its upcoming 50th anniversary. Since its inception on October 3, 1970, NOAA has become one of the world’s premier science agencies that protects life and

property, leads stewardship of the ocean and Great Lakes, and drives the blue economy — a mission that spans from the surface of the sun to the floor of the ocean.

“Over the past five decades, NOAA has grown into a premier science agency essential to our Nation,” said Neil Jacobs, acting NOAA administrator. “We are proud of that legacy and of the people who champion it every day. Our skilled and diverse workforce and partnerships make NOAA a strong and unique agency, and they have set the stage for continued innovation and discovery for decades to come.” 

Although NOAA was formally established decades ago, its roots originated a century earlier with the Survey of the Coast in 1807 and the Weather Bureau and U.S. Fish Commission in the 1870s. 

“Our nation’s oldest science agencies came together, as one, with a vision to protect and enrich life by better understanding our ocean and atmosphere,” said Cheryl Oliver, director of the NOAA Heritage program, which honors the legacy of NOAA through special events and exhibits across the country. “Today, people depend on NOAA science and services every day, in our homes, on the coasts we love, in our daily commerce, in the seafood we eat and in our personal safety.”

Day in and day out, NOAA serves the nation in many ways including:  

  • Leading in environmental science and technology, helping the world adapt to our changing planet. NOAA is innovating, pushing forward with new research, cutting-edge technologies and ground-breaking scientific discoveries that will help us better understand our planet.

  • Building a Weather-Ready Nation. NOAA is at the forefront of weather science, making earlier and more accurate forecasts, equipping emergency responders so communities are informed and prepared for natural disasters. Our forecasts save lives, protect property, boost the U.S. economy and strengthen national security.

  • Serving as leading stewards of a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable ocean. NOAA is leading stewardship of our ocean by ensuring the long-term sustainability of our fisheries, protecting vulnerable marine species and their habitat, and supporting aquaculture.

  • Powering the blue economy. NOAA is exploring, mapping, and observing our nation’s waters — and preserving our underwater parks and coastal reserves. NOAA supports resilient coasts, working waterfronts, marine commerce, and sustainable seafood for a thriving economy.

  • Harnessing big data. NOAA is providing a truly integrated digital understanding of the Earth from data collected by satellites, ships, aircraft, and a vast network of environmental monitoring systems. NOAA leverages this data to help keep the public safe, promote the nation’s economic security, protect and manage resources, and enhance our understanding of the planet.

Throughout the year, visit to find features, events, multimedia, and NOAA milestones as we celebrate five decades of science, service, and stewardship.

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