Third Order Draft of the Fifth National Climate Assessment (ID450)

Description: This document is a draft of the Fifth National Climate Assessment. The peer review of the Fifth National Climate Assessment is being conducted by a review committee of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. More information the peer review committee can be found here: work/review-of-the-draft-5th-national-climate-assessment#sectionCommittee


ID: ID450 Info. Type: HISA

Start date of Peer Review: 11/7/2022

Estimated Initial Dissemination Date: 11/7/2022

Actual Dissemination Date of peer review report and final work product:

Contact Person: Dan Barrie, OAR, , (301) 734-1256

Review Type: Full report draft

Expected Number of Peer Reviewers: 18

Peer Reviewers will be selected by: National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine

Will the public, including scientific or professional societies, be asked to nominate potential peer reviewers? Yes

Will there be opportunities for the public to comment on the work product to be peer reviewed? Yes

How: The notice of availability of the document for public comment will be published in the Federal Register, and a public comment period will be provided on the draft report at that time. Any interested member of the public will be able to log into the Review and Comment system, see the document, and submit any comment on any portion of the draft report.

When: Public comments will be due within 12 weeks of the publication of the public comment opportunity in the Federal Register

Will the agency provide significant and relevant public comments to the peer reviewers before they conduct their review? No

Primary disciplines or expertise needed in the review: Expertise in climate change and any related topics and issues.

Comments on Peer Review:

Charge statement:

Peer review report and final work product: