Empowering Native Communities with Georgia Madrid

An advocate and voice at NOAA for Native American issues
April 7, 2020

For NOAA’s 50th anniversary, we are interviewing NOAA Legends: people of color who were “firsts” in NOAA science, service, and stewardship. Our history is rich with unique stories and experiences of staff from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds—some shared, some very distinct — and many of these stories stretch back before NOAA’s creation. These interviews help us tell the stories behind the motivations, challenges, and defining moments these unsung heroes experienced to support NOAA’s mission.


Georgia Madrid, Equal Opportunity Specialist for NOAA Research in Boulder, Colorado.

Georgia Madrid is an Equal Opportunity Specialist for NOAA Research in Boulder, Colorado. As a citizen of the Taos Pueblo and Navajo Tribes, she works to improve the inclusion and understanding of American Indian/Alaska Native issues at NOAA and in the community. She spearheaded a Tribal College and University Science Day that brought together students and faculty from five different colleges and hosted a NOAA-wide Tribal Relations Seminar where more than 400 employees participated. She continues to lead NOAA’s participation at the American Indian Science and Engineering Society conference and organizes talks by prominent Native American speakers on Traditional Knowledge perspectives to western science.

Listen to Georgia reflect on her experience at NOAA: 

NOAA Legends: Georgia Madrid (NOAA)