A look back: 5 student success stories from NOAA and our partners

These efforts took place prior to social distancing guidelines related to COVID-19.
July 29, 2020

From kindergarteners to high schoolers and beyond, we love to hear about the great things students have accomplished when it comes to helping the ocean and atmosphere. Whether it’s learning about how to make their communities more resilient and sustainable or figuring out how to drastically reduce waste in their schools, these students were ahead of the game in making a difference for our world! Take a look back at these past student success stories from NOAA and our partners in 2018 and 2019.

Teen Myles Williamson gestures at the large Earth interactive during a presentation on acid rain using the Science on a Sphere at the Museum of Science and Industry in November 2019.

Chicago teens became advocates for building the city’s climate resilience

In 2019, teens rose to the challenge and taught visitors to the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) in Chicago about the city’s past and future climate and weather challenges. With support from NOAA’s Environmental Literacy Program, these teens left more than 16,000 visitors with new knowledge about climate in their own city.

What does it take to be an operational meteorologist? Students learned tools of the trade from the NWS

Meteorology students face plenty of career choices: should they go into broadcast, research, or operational forecasting? When the University of Kansas needed to fill a teaching spot for an operational forecasting course, a team of NWS meteorologists stepped up, giving students a window into a side of meteorology they might never have seen at their university.

University of Oklahoma students tested their skills at tornado forecasting

In a simulation taught by experts at the Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies, meteorology students not only mastered the science of weather prediction, but also learned to cope with the high stakes of operational forecasting.

Students of all ages stemmed the tide of trash

Trash seems to be everywhere … blowing in the streets, perching in trees above creeks, and washing ashore on our nation’s coasts. With funding from NOAA Planet Stewards, these educators helped their students lead waste reduction efforts at their schools. You might be surprised to learn how much of a difference they made!

Student marsh restoration saved shoreline from devastating hurricane

In October 2018, Hurricane Michael smacked the Florida Panhandle with winds up to 160 mph, damaging houses, washing out roads, and eroding the coast. But at the Apalachicola Reserve, a ribbon of saltmarsh extending about 1,000 feet along the coast, was remarkably undisturbed in the wake of that category five storm — a testimony to the power of local students.

Versions of these stories were originally featured in the Fiscal Year 2019 NOAA Education Accomplishments Report.