What is your precipitype? Take our precipitation personality quiz to find out!

Precipitation seems straightforward — we often think only of rain and snow. But, there are actually many other types of precipitation, and they each have their own traits.

Try our precipitation personality quiz to learn more about rain, snow, hail, sleet, and graupel, and to find out which you most closely identify with. Maybe you are versatile and dependable like rain, or sensitive and loyal like graupel, maybe a natural born leader like hail?

Take the interactive quiz below to find out your precipitype!  Or try the text-only version for a more classic magazine-style experience. You can also use the text-only version to see which answers align to which precipitype and even identify whether you might be a "wintery mix" of more than one precipitype. 

Text-only precipitypes personality quiz

Before you start

Grab a pen and paper or open a text file where you can keep track of which letters you select. As you select your answers, write down the letter you chose for each question.

1. It’s your birthday tomorrow! How are you celebrating?

  1. I’ll get together with a few friends and we’ll decide what sounds fun. My friends and I always go with the flow and end up having a great time.

  2. It’s an all day event! I’ll start out having brunch with a few friends, then we’ll play our favorite songs on repeat and dance until we drop.
  3. A couple of my closest friends and I go on a day trip together and accumulate new memories.
  4. My partner or best friend will plan out the perfect day and I won’t have to worry about a thing! They always surprise me with a great activity I would never have thought of! 
  5. Me and a friend or two will bounce around the town, maybe take a class to explore a new hobby or skill.

2. You’re in a job interview and the interviewer asks what your greatest strength is. You respond…

  1. I’m adaptable and personable. I’ll fit in well with your team whether they work at a steady pace or like to work in bursts.

  2. I strive for success. I am great at mobilizing a team and getting results you can be sure will make a mark.
  3. I’m great at finding unique solutions. If you give me a framework and the space to follow my own process, you can expect unique results every time.
  4. I’ll be your right hand and stick by your side even during stressful times. I want to see you and the company succeed.
  5. I’m good at exploring new ideas and adapting as conditions change. I bounce back easily from challenges.

3. What does your ideal living space look like?

  1. I like my living space to flow naturally and have an inviting common area in case friends drop in.

  2. I’m known for hosting fun get-togethers where people hang out until they crash for the night, so it has to be perfect for entertaining with plenty of room to gather and move around.
  3. My decor would be eclectic and unique, but cohesive. I also like to be surrounded by things that remind me of my favorite moments with friends and family.
  4. I like to have a cozy space to snuggle up with my best friend, partner, or pet. It would have decor and rooms that make both me and my companion feel at home.
  5. I would have spaces for exploring my different interests, with decor and furniture that are easy to move around or replace as my tastes change.

4. You have an unexpected day off. What do you do?

  1. It depends on how I’m feeling that day. I might take myself on a date and sprinkle in some time with friends.

  2. I check some things off of my to-do list and then get family or friends together for something fun to end the day with a bang.
  3. I like to stick to my schedule and would have preferred a planned day off, but I’ll meet up with a few friends to do something.
  4. I link up with my partner or best friend to go on a day date!
  5. So many ideas, so little time! I spend some time trying to decide and then flip a coin and hop to it.

5. You find out one of your colleagues complained about you to another coworker or classmate. How do you react?

  1. I’m surprised because people rarely take issue with me, but I let it roll off of my back. They were probably having a bad day.

  2. It upsets me and I roll it around in my head for a while, then confront them about it with the hope of driving toward a solution.
  3. It bothers me, but not enough to say anything. I might stew on it for a day or two, then rant to my friends and let it go.
  4. I feel betrayed and take it personally. I try to understand why they might be upset and speculate about it with my closest friend or colleague.
  5. I let it go. It doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things and I know these things are only temporary.

Your precipitype is...

The letter you selected most often is your precipitype. If you selected three of one type and two of another, maybe you're a "wintery mix" of both. Either way, read the full precipitype personality below!

  1. You are rain
  2. You are hail
  3. You are snow
  4. You are graupel
  5. You are sleet


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