In the United States and around the world, water security is increasingly in jeopardy. Too much water, too little water, or water of poor quality can endanger life, property, economies and ecosystems. 

NOAA has embarked on a comprehensive NOAA Water Initiative, designed to give people and governments better access to the water information they need for their unique circumstances, so that they may take appropriate actions to address water-related risks and manage their water resources more efficiently and effectively.  

On the education front, NOAA strives to incorporate authentic research practices into learning experiences to inspire the next generation of experts in the entire range of disciplines that underpin the agency’s mission. Find NOAA water-related education resources on the NOAA Education page and via the links below.

NOAA’s new National Water Center (NWC), located in Tuscaloosa on the campus of the University of Alabama, is an anchor for the activities of the NOAA Water Initiative. The NWC is designed to facilitate partnerships and collaboration across organizations and sectors to deliver a new generation of water information and decision-support services.

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