NOAA’s 2020 Business Brief

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NOAA 2020 Business Brief

NOAA 2020 Business Brief (Image credit: NOAA)

NOAA is celebrating its 50th-anniversary by continuing to provide vital, science-based information used by Americans every day. Thanks to new and creative partnerships with space and weather enterprises and by upgrading our global weather forecast model and supercomputer capacity, NOAA is poised to deliver the world’s best weather forecasts.

We are also powering growth in the American Blue Economy, taking decisive steps to more fully explore our ocean, help expand domestic marine aquaculture production, and maximize sustainable commercial fishing by streamlining regulations.

By strategically embracing leading-edge science and technology, including in our focus areas, unmanned systems, artificial intelligence, ‘omics, and cloud computing, NOAA’s dedicated employees daily deliver on our mission in bold and innovative ways.

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