Coral: The gift you don't want to give, or get

Why you should avoid purchasing real coral jewelry and products
December 2, 2019
Coral jewelry is the gift you don't want to give ... or get. Let's leave it in the reef.

Corals are truly a gift from Mother Nature. They are made by living marine organisms, mature slowly over decades into beautiful reef structures and are some of the most biologically rich and economically valuable ecosystems on Earth.

Unfortunately, global climate change, unsustainable fishing, and pollution threaten corals and they are dying off at alarming rates around the world. Yet coral continues to be harvested for costume jewelry, souvenirs and home decor — especially during the holidays — which only further contributes to their decline. That's why it's best to leave corals and other marine life on the reef where they can be enjoyed by everyone.

Remember: Corals in their natural reef habitat are already a gift for us to enjoy. Don't give them as presents.

Happy holidays to all!