Pacific Islands participates in and contributes to the 2021 Pacific Islands Climate Outlook Forum

Images of flooding, beach and hurricane radar


The 8th PICOF focused on producing consensus-based, user-relevant climate outlook guidance in real-time to reduce climate-related risks and support sustainable development.  It was reported that there have been consistently high sea levels across the South Pacific since October 2020, with warm water temperatures.  The warm water contributed to coral bleaching in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Palau, and the Federated States of Micronesia.  Surveys reported that coral bleaching at PNG and Solomon Islands was mentioned as being the worst in 15 years at PNG.  The summaries and outlooks were developed through international collaborative efforts between NOAA, University of Guam, University of Hawaii, Pacific Meteorological Council, Australian Government- Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, APEC Climate Centre, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, and other Pacific Island countries.  (NESDIS, NOS, OAR, and NWS)