NOAA in the Gulf of Mexico Region

NOAA Assets in the Gulf of Mexico Region

NOAA has substantial capabilities working to address priorities and needs of our stakeholders and partners in the Gulf of Mexico Region. Several NOAA centers, offices, and laboratories serve this region, with workforce concentrations around the Gulf. Among others, the region boasts two National Marine Sanctuaries, the Fisheries Southeast Regional Office, the Southeast Fisheries Science Center, the Gulf of Mexico Disaster Response Center, the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, National Centers for Environmental Information - Stennis, the National Water Center, the National Data Buoy Center, the National Hurricane Center,  two River Forecast Centers, National Weather Service Southern Region Headquarters, and Weather Forecast Offices in each state.  In addition, NOAA’s Aircraft Operations Center is located in Lakeland, Florida, and three NOAA ships, the Gordon Gunter, the Oregon II, and the Pisces, home port in Pascagoula, MS.

NOAA has a broad portfolio of activities and services throughout the region. Communication and coordination across NOAA and its partners can be challenging, given the extent of locations, missions, and needs. In order to improve, focus, and better integrate the development and delivery of NOAA’s products and services, NOAA’s Gulf of Mexico Regional Collaboration Team supports activities and efforts that strengthen communication, coordination, and collaboration among NOAA and partners at regional and sub-regional levels.

NOAA Gulf of Mexico Regional Collaboration Team Partners

In addition to NOAA employees and facilities, NOAA benefits from close partnerships with these and other entities in the region:

Regional Ocean Partnership

Sea Grant College Programs

Cooperative Institutes

Regional Coastal Ocean Observing System

Regional Climate Centers

National Estuarine Research Reserves

Regional Integrated Sciences & Assessments

Coastal Zone Management Programs

Regional Fishery Management Council