Gulf of Mexico Regional Team

Photo of Brian LeMarre
Regional Team Lead:
Brian LaMarre – Meteorologist-in-Charge
National Weather Service – Tampa Bay Area, FL
Photo of Kristen Laursen
Regional Coordinator:
Kristen Laursen
National Marine Fisheries Service

The NOAA Gulf of Mexico Regional Collaboration Team (GoMRCT) is one of eight regional teams. The 21-member team includes a Team Lead and a full-time Regional Coordinator. Team members reflect the diversity of NOAA within the Gulf of Mexico region, and are comprised of NOAA employees and NOAA partners. The GoMRCT also utilizes a work group structure to focus its activities and reach beyond team members to bring in additional expertise for specific activities. To learn more about the NOAA offices and labs represented by team members, visit the links associated with their home offices provided below.


NOAA Regional Team Members: