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NOAA Information Resources Management Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Innovative IT
Goal 1: Advance the Mission Using Innovative IT
Goal 2: Protect the Mission
Goal 3: Achieve Excellence in IT Service Delivery
Goal 4: Enable the IT Workforce
The NOAA IRM Strategic Plan Refresh 2017-2020

Through High Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data and cloud applications, and ongoing modernization of networks and systems, OCIO works constantly to innovate mission solutions

NOAA Information Resources Management
Strategic Plan Refresh 2017-2020 (PDF)



1.1  Manage NOAA High Performance Computing (HPC) to facilitate research & development (R&D), operations, and the transition of research to a broad range of NOAA applications

1.2  Modernize NOAA networks

1.3  Leverage modern Big Data and Cloud platform technologies to increase the use of NOAA data while reducing NOAA’s infrastructure costs


Keeping NOAA safe includes cyber security initiatives, a comprehensive strategic approach to integrated services, and focus on Primary Mission Essential Function (PMEF) resiliency



2.1  Strengthen NOAA cyber security capabilities

2.2  Promote Primary Mission Essential Functions (PMEF) resiliency and eliminate single points of failure

2.3  Provide effective cyber security services

2.4  Ensure access to spectrum that enables the NOAA life and property mission



With a robust infrastructure, transparent governance, shared services, and smart planning, OCIO works to exceed customer expectations at every step



3.1  Implement a service delivery model that exceeds customer expectations

3.2  Leverage shared infrastructure and economies of scale offered by cloud computing to provide efficient, agile and innovative IT service delivery

3.3  Employ a robust and transparent governance process to support all customers

3.4  Implement and maintain a robust IT infrastructure

3.5  Implement and utilize a strategic IT planning and acquisition approach to enhance IT service delivery and meet NOAA’s technology, contracting, and financial goals


Our workforce strategy emphasizes collaboration, learning & training, and diversity & inclusion



4.1 Enhance the work environment to promote efficiency and effective workplace collaboration

4.2 Create a diverse and inclusive workforce

4.3 Implement innovative workplace training programs


Vision: A secure, efficient, agile, and inclusive information enterprise with advanced computing capability that protects and propels NOAA’s scientific and operational missions.

Purpose: Information Technology (IT) is integral to the success of NOAA’s mission. The purpose of this Strategic Plan is to identify the high level Goals, Principles, Objectives, and major Initiatives that drive the NOAA IT community to improve the long term capability, performance, and services of the IT enabled operations and functions of NOAA.  It is supported by four other plans:

High Performance Computing Plan (PDF) 
Cybersecurity Roadmap (not yet released)
Network Optimization Plan (PDF) 
Data Center Optimization Plan (PDF)



  1. Develop, manage, and operate IT services from an enterprise perspective
  2. Consolidate IT functions and services, short of the mission-specific function or application
  3. Explore and promote opportunities to expand cloud-based services
  4. Establish a smart, effective, efficient, risk-based approach to compliance and information systems security
  5. Be prepared, responsive and resilient to mission threats
  6. Produce effective and efficient IT solutions that are customer-centered
  7. Maintain an agile, responsive, and service-oriented posture
  8. Leverage commercial economies of scale and scope in all acquisitions
  9. Promote a diverse and inclusive IT staff


Published on
April 2, 2020