Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

NOAA is firmly committed to increasing the Diversity within its workforce and creating Inclusive work environments where everyone feels valued and experience a true sense of belonging.  At the same time, NOAA openly acknowledges that a lot of work is needed to get where we want to be in terms of diversity and inclusion.  NOAA will continue to take direct steps to increase the diversity of its workforce as well provide an inclusive work environment for all employees.

NOAA’s ultimate goal is to not only embrace these concepts, but ensure they are fully integrated into the agency’s business practices and more importantly its organizational culture.  In order to accomplish this goal, NOAA’s Office and Inclusion and Civil Rights has developed a series of multi-year Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plans to steer the agency in the right direction and keep it on course.  The documents below provide an overview of some of the steps the agency has taken and plans to take to further its Diversity and Inclusion goals as well as assess the progress it has made.  

NOAA Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Policy Statements

NOAA's Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plans and Assessments 

NOAA's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Summit

Best Practices