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NEW - Government Travel Card Holders (1/25/19)


Q. If I have an existing balance on my travel card and have not received reimbursement due to the lapse in appropriations or have travelled during the lapse for an excepted purpose, will I incur penalties or will my credit rating be affected if I am unable to pay?

A. No. DOC continues to work with J.P. Morgan Chase (JPMC), the DOC travel card vendor, to ensure travel card usage is uninterrupted and that no penalties (i.e., late fees, interest charges) are applied to your account due to the lapse in appropriations. DOC will identify to JPMC all DOC travel card holders who, on the 21st of Dec 2018, had a balance on their account and all travel card holders who use their cards during the lapse for excepted travel to ensure the accounts will remain current.

If you receive a notice that your account has become past due, you should contact the DOC travel management division in order for DOC to ensure the account is not suspended, that late fees and penalties are not applied, and that the delinquency is not reported to credit bureaus. Please do not contact JPMC directly as the request must come from DOC. Card holders can reach the DOC Travel Management Division (TMD) via email OFM- DOCTravelCardProgram@doc.gov with a cc: to Cecelia Kizer (ckizer@doc.gov) and Rholondra Louis (RLouis@doc.gov). Card holders may also call TMD at 202.482.1818.

Through the process outlined above, it is our expectation that no cardholders will be impacted by account suspension, late fees, interest charges, or credit bureau reporting because of the lapse in appropriations.

Q. I am not receiving a paycheck; may I use my Government travel card for personal expenses as long as I make the required payments when I have an income again?

A. No. Government credit cards are for official purposes only.  The rules surrounding card use remain in effect, and misuse may result in disciplinary action, up to and including removal.