NOAA workplace harassment & training for contractors and financial assistance recipients

This page provides the following policies regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment (SASH) related to contractors and financial assistance recipients:

The mandatory sexual assault and sexual harassment training provided by the contractor shall include the required elements set forth by NOAA’s Workplace Violence Program Manager. The required elements of the training are provided below: 


  1. Explain to each employee/affiliate (as defined in the solicitation and contract, or the Notice of Funding Opportunity and award) assigned under the contract, grant, or cooperative agreement the definitions of sexual assault and sexual harassment, and that sexual assault and sexual harassment will not be tolerated.
  2. Encourage each employee/affiliate assigned under the contract, grant, or cooperative agreement to immediately report instances (whether they observe or are the victim) of sexual assault or sexual harassment.
  3. Provide the available resources/ways to report as prescribed in the contract, grant, or cooperative agreement and below.
  4. Provide a copy of the Solicitation and Contract Language (contracts/orders) or Notice of Funding Announcement and Award Language (grants/cooperative agreements) addressing sexual assault and sexual harassment

Ways to Report Instances of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment:

  • Employee/affiliate’s immediate supervisor,
  • The Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), if applicable,
  • Subset of the COR (e.g. Task Manager or Assistant COR), if applicable,
  • Contracting Officer if a COR is not assigned to the contract, if applicable,
  • The Federal Program Officer (FPO), if applicable, or
  • The Grants Officer, if applicable.
  • NOAA Civil Rights Office (if applicable)
  • Contact the NOAA Civil Rights Office at 1-800-452-6728 or 
  • (301) 713-0500 or through the NOAA Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment Helpline referenced below)

Resources Available

For all NOAA employees, affiliates, and contractor employees who have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment, NOAA has established the NOAA Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment (SASH) helpline.  This helpline is designed to provide crisis intervention, referrals, and emotional support to all NOAA victims and/or survivors of sexual harassment or sexual assault.  All NOAA employees, contractor employees, and affiliates may use the helpline to receive live, confidential, one-on-one support regardless of the place or time of an occurrence, even if an incident occurs outside of the workplace or is unrelated to work. All services are anonymous, secure, and available worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The NOAA SASH helpline is accessible through a variety of channels, including: