2020 Small Business of the Year Award

The Acquisition and Grants Office (AGO) Small Business Office recognizes PotomacWave as the NOAA Small Business of the Year for the second annual NOAA Small Business Program Awards. 

NOAA’s Small Business of the Year Awards are presented during the annual Small Business Industry Day, now scheduled for July 16, 2020. PotomacWave will be publicly recognized for its accomplishment on this date.  

PotomacWave takes great pride in understanding where errors occur in the contract entry process and prides themselves in helping NOAA staff understand why an error is an error, a task that is not always that easy for a contracting officer to accept.  In Fiscal Year 2019 PotomacWave implemented an automated means by which to generate a contractor responsibility assessment.  In short, NOAA can now identify vendors with debarment, tax delinquency, and other related issues via a simple email.  This saves contracting staff time and results in a more thorough responsibility assessment.  With this new addition to the services being provided, PotomacWave is saving NOAA time from having to search multiple databases for responsibility information when a simple e-mail will return the results necessary. Potential issues that may need to be reviewed are identified in a matter of minutes versus hours and days.  This speeds up the award process by cutting the time necessary to award a contract and allowing more work to be accomplished and more contracts to be awarded.  

PotomacWave has exceeded all expectations under its contract so far and is always implementing new and exciting capabilities that help NOAA meet its data integrity requirements.  PotomacWave is continually engaged with NOAA staff and seeks to ensure that we are receiving the results desired under this contract.  PotomacWave has been a true industry partner to NOAA.

The Small Business Program Awards recognize small businesses who demonstrate outstanding performance, accomplishment, and a spirit of partnership in support of NOAA's mission. AGO recognizes the important role that small businesses play in the successful execution of the NOAA mission.