About the Office of International Affairs

In order to achieve NOAA’s Mission: “To understand and predict changes in the Earth’s environment and conserve and manage coastal and marine resources to meet our Nation’s economic, social, and environmental needs,” it is necessary for NOAA to engage internationally.

Office of International Affairs Mission and Purpose:

  • Implement Leadership’s international priorities.
  • Provide strategic direction, advice, and coordination, for NOAA’s international engagement.
  • Build international relationships that provide NOAA the opportunity to leverage important foreign resources and capabilities to advance NOAA’s mission and priorities.
  • Ensure NOAA’s international engagement is consistent with U.S. foreign policy, and that U.S. foreign policy furthers NOAA’s goals.

Office of International Affairs Responsibilities:

  • Serve as advisor to the Under Secretary and NOAA Leadership on international policy issues and engagement.
  • Support NOAA leadership on travel and meetings with international counterparts.
  • Formulate policy on emerging, priority, crosscutting, and sensitive international issues.
  • Correspond daily with interagency and foreign counterparts.
  • Coordinate NOAA’s interactions on international issues with other federal departments and agencies, as well as other bureaus within the Department.
  • Coordinate/Lead processes to consolidate and review NOAA’s contributions to, and engagement in, U.S. negotiations and foreign policy development.
  • Represent NOAA, DOC, and/or USG positions in interagency processes and at international fora.
  • Negotiate international treaties and conventions affecting NOAA equities.
  • Serve as a principal point of contact for embassies and international colleagues seeking meetings with NOAA Leadership.

OIA conducts these responsibilities through the following:


NOAA OIA is managed by the Director of the Office of International Affairs, who also serves as a Senior Advisor to NOAA Leadership.