Overview of NOAA Education

We walk you through the who, what, where, and why of NOAA Education.

This course will help you become more familiar with the role of education in achieving NOAA’s mission. In seven short modules, we walk you through the who, what, where and why of NOAA education. Whether you are new to NOAA, new to NOAA Education, or just curious to learn more — this series is for you!

A group of around 20 people stand in front of a large exhibit booth displaying the NOAA logo.
NOAA staff with Teacher at Sea Alumni and Climate Stewards at a national National Science Teacher Association annual conference. (NOAA)

This course was developed in 2016 by the NOAA Education Council’s Internal Professional Development Working Group. Special thanks to the Ocean Today team for their assistance with the audio recording. A list of websites referenced in the presentations and PDF copies of the slides are provided under Other Resources on this page.