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Introducing "NOAA and the Octonauts," a new podcast from NOAA's Office of Education and the Coastal Ecosystem Learning Centers (CELC) network. Hear about the inspiration behind the show, and get a sneak peek of the episodes to come.

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HOST 1: Hi, I’m Maggie. 

HOST 2: And I’m Lauren. We’re hosts of “NOAA & The Octonauts,” a new podcast from NOAA — that stands for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration — and our partners. 

HOST 1: Each month, our show dives into a different episode of the children’s TV show The Octonauts, which features a crew of quirky and courageous undersea adventurers. 

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HOST 1: Tune in to hear experts answer your questions about the real-life versions of the ocean creatures that the Octonauts rescue. Along the way, you’ll learn how you and the children you care about can be heroes for our ocean, too.

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HOST 2: If an important child in your life watches The Octonauts, this is the podcast for you. As a matter of fact, the idea for the podcast actually came from a dad, Christopher, who absolutely loved watching The Octonauts with his son. But every time the show ended, Christopher felt a bit stumped by some of his son’s questions. Could a person really fit in a whale shark’s mouth? Do walruses actually have a chief? Do animals need our help during storms? “NOAA & The Octonauts” helps you answer these questions and have richer conversations with your curious kiddos.

HOST 1: Our ocean experts hail from the Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center (or CELC) network. This is a group of 27 aquariums from across North America, all working with NOAA’s Office of Education to engage people in protecting the ocean and its coasts. There are some pretty great ocean educators who work at these aquariums, and we’re excited to bring their expertise to you.

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Things like choosing sustainable seafood can be a really great way of helping whale sharks.
Plankton is the base of ocean ecosystems. It’s sort of like the grass or the plants that are in the ocean environments instead of on land. 
If you have an animal that you love, whether it’s a dolphin or a manatee or a lobster, the best thing you can do is keep the ecosystems healthy.
The scientific name of a walrus actually means tooth-walker.
It’s a lobster love fest!

HOST 2: So join us for our debut on Saturday, June 8 — that’s World Ocean Day! We’ll be talking to the Aquarium of the Pacific about whale sharks and why they are important. You’ll get the most out of the podcast if you watch the Octonauts’ whale shark episode beforehand, but if you don’t get around to it, we’ll catch you up. 

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HOST 1: So to your stations, podcast listeners, and see you on June 8th!

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