NOAA Center for Atmospheric Science (2011 Awardee)

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Award Recipient: Howard University

Primary NOAA Line Office: National Weather Service


NCAS at Howard University.
NCAS at Howard University. (NOAA)

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Center Overview

Education Focus: Student education and training through research focused on improving the accuracy of weather and climate forecast models. NCAS has developed two primary research themes: Air Quality Forecasting and Analyses and Climate and Weather Forecasting and Analyses.

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Goals of the Center

The NCAS research and training activities support the central philosophy of "producing quality professionals for the nation's scientific and technical workforce through quality research". NCAS primary goals are:

  • Infrastructure development for weather-related research and applications for NOAA, with a specific focus on urban and transition regions within the United States,
  • Production of a domestic corps of highly trained atmospheric & environmental specialists who can replace the current aging research and professional workforce at NOAA, especially in the National Weather Service (NWS), and other federal agencies, institutions, and within the private sector, and
  • Research and applications in support of NOAA’s strategic goals, specifically those of the National Weather Service (NWS).

The research goals are pursued through the development, validation and application of weather research and forecast models. NCAS and NOAA researchers collaborate in the development of improved physical parameterizations for weather, climate, and air quality forecast models with the aim to improve weather and climate model predictions. Another unique aspect of NCAS is the development of observational programs in climate and air quality in support of model development and satellite data analysis.

Center Abstract

The mission of NCAS is to increase the number of highly qualified, well-trained graduates from traditionally underrepresented minority communities in NOAA-related sciences, with particular emphasis on the atmospheric sciences, for career opportunities with NOAA, NOAA contractors, other Federal agencies, and academia. NCAS conducts collaborative research that is aimed at improving forecast accuracy of precipitation, through studies of model physical processes and improved data assimilation methodologies. NCAS conducts collaborative research designed to increase our understanding of atmospheric chemical processes and their effects on local, regional, and global scales. Finally, NCAS conducts field campaigns and implements measurement networks designed to improve our understanding of chemical, physical, and dynamical processes in the atmosphere and climate system. All NCAS partners contribute to student training and professional development through workshops and webinars, shared courses and seminars, outreach activities, student recruitment and mentoring.

Center Directory

Center Director
Vernon Morris, Ph.D.
Deputy Director
Everette Joseph, Ph.D.
Center Coordinator
Kimberly Smith
Distinguished Scientist
Dr. Demetrius Venable, Ph.D. (Acting)
Technical Monitor
Cindy Woods
301-713-0090 x133
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NCAS at Howard University.