Tangled whale swimming free after successful rescue

March 17, 2017 A juvenile humpback whale entangled in large cable off Maui, Hawaii, this week is swimming a little easier after crews responded to reports of the distressed animal.
NOAA and partners work to remove large cable tangled around juvenile humpback whale in Hawaii.

As you might imagine, it’s no easy task to get close enough to a sizable animal in distress, let alone one that is swimming underwater. And this rescue is no exception. It took two days and a village of partners, including teams of marine biologists from both NOAA Sanctuaries and NOAA Fisheries, to accomplish the task.

The two-day effort shows the importance of tour operators, mariners, and others who provide important eyes on the water during events like this. For more details on NOAA’s partners, the rescue effort itself, and how to properly report similar incidents, please see this statementoffsite link from the U.S. Coast Guard.