NOAA releases 2016 education accomplishments report

February 1, 2017 The NOAA Education community is pleased to present the 2016 NOAA Education Accomplishments Report. In this report, we share highlights from NOAA's education programs nationwide.
Teachers learn about the connections with a watershed through a hands-on NOAA teacher workshop called Rivers to Reef at the Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary.

NOAA educates on topics that span from the surface of the sun to the depth of the ocean floor. We train educators, prepare the next generation of experts in Earth science, and work to inspire people of all ages to continue learning about the ocean and atmosphere. 

The stories in this report were submitted by members of the NOAA Education Council. The report describes the progress we have made toward the goals in the NOAA Education Strategic Plan. It is designed to share our stories and demonstrate our commitment to accountability. For more information, see our accomplishments page.