NAO 217-112: Facilities Management Manual

Issued 11/01/2021; Effective 10/01/2021 LAST REVIEWED DATE: 11/4/2021


This NOAA Administrative Order (NAO) establishes the authority and responsibility for the development, issuance, and maintenance of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Facilities Management Manual. This NAO formally authorizes the NOAA Facilities Management Manual as the primary agency resource for facilities management policies and procedures.


  1. NOAA’s stewardship of its facilities portfolio will align planning, programming, budgeting, and program evaluation to mission requirements. The NOAA Facilities Management Manual (Manual) will prescribe policies, procedures, and guidelines for NOAA’s facilities portfolio management to achieve life-cycle performance outcomes.
  2. The Manual is applicable all facilities-related real property; including, but not limited to:
    1. buildings;
    2. structures;
    3. land;
    4. piers; and
    5. shore infrastructure

Not included in the Manual is property guidance for ships, boats, aircraft, and satellites. NOAA personnel are directed to contact NOAA’s Office of Marine and Aviation Operations (OMAO) and/or National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) for information regarding the management of the aforementioned non-land-based property.

  1. The Manual will be inclusive of facilities life-cycle management, including but not limited to:
    1. planning;

    2. programming;

    3. operations and maintenance;

    4. repair;

    5. deferred maintenance and repair;

    6. capital improvements;

    7. new construction; and

    8. disposal.

  2. .The Manual shall provide context for the facilities management program with a broad set of principles, rules, and guidelines establishing the agency framework for program execution. The NOAA Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (OCAO) shall issue policy and process documents to achieve the desired program results.
  3. The Manual shall provide guidance and instruction to all personnel that are responsible for facilities management within their Line or Staff Office.


See the NOAA Manual 217-12, NOAA Facilities Management Manual for all applicable definitions and acronyms. The definitions included in the Manual will complement those described in Section .04 of Department of Commerce Administrative Order (DAO) 217-21, Space Allowance and Management Program, and the glossary of the Department of Commerce Real Property Management Manual (pages 124-133).


  1. The NOAA Manual 217-12, NOAA Facilities Manual will adhere to all requirements of NAO 200-3, The NAO Series, Section 6. General, .03 Handbooks and Manuals. “NOAA handbooks and manuals establishing policy and responsibilities shall be authorized by an NAO and shall have the same force and effect as that NAO.”
  2. As established by Department Organization Order (DOO) 25-5, the OCAO shall provide policy, staff support, and services through the NOAA in the areas of:
    1. real property;
    2. facilities;
    3. environmental compliance;
    4. occupational safety and health; and
    5. emergency preparedness
  3. Applicable policies and processes will be captured in appropriate detail in the Manual and will include the following OCAO provisions and responsibilities.
    1. providing facilities planning guidance that establishes policies and standards;
    2. collaborating with Line and Staff Offices to establish facilities program priorities and execute projects that optimize investments and strengthen NOAA’s facilities portfolio for mission delivery;
    3. providing oversight and corporate reporting for facilities projects; and
    4. managing and maintaining real property information necessary for effective management and analysis of NOAA’s facilities portfolio.
  4. Line and Staff Offices are encouraged to coordinate across departmental offices and units for the overall management of NOAA’s facilities management efforts. The primary point of contact for these collaboration efforts should occur at the NOAA Facilities Council offsite link(NFC).


  1. OCAO is the Office of Primary Interest and shall:
    1. Establish the NOAA Facilities Management Manual which will provide guidance, policies, and processes to Line and Staff Offices to assist throughout facilities’ life- cycles;
    2. Maintain and update the Manual and this NAO to retain relevancy and applicability based on changing requirements;
    3. Lead the NFC, chaired by the Chief Administrative Officer; and
    4. Promote efficient and fiscally responsible facilities management to support NOAA’s missions.
  2. The NFC provides leadership, guidance, and decision support for major facilities investments and strategies across the Agency.
    • Guidance and direction from the NFC, which is representative of all Line and Staff Offices, will be implemented where applicable in the NOAA Facilities Management Manual.
    • The NFC, through the enacted charter, retains the authority to serve as the single focal point for formulating, analyzing, and submitting recommendations regarding NOAA-wide facilities issues to the OCAO, the NOAA Executive Panel, and NOAA Executive Council.
  3. Line and Staff Offices will collaborate with the OCAO through active NFC engagement on policies and procedures supporting the planning, programming, budgeting, and evaluation of mission requirements, and life-cycle performance outcomes. Line and Staff Offices shall:
    1. Provide a representative to NFC Working Groups as requested by the NFC and CAO;
    2. Provide timely responses and a point of contact for data calls and inquiries regarding facilities’ matters;
    3. Ensure that facilities personnel within their purview fully comply with the policies and process established in the Manual; and
    4. Actively engage with the OCAO during development and periods of maintenance of the Manual to ensure relevancy and applicability.


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  1. NAO 217-104, Facilities Capital Planning and Project Management Policy will remain in effect until the NOAA Facilities Manual has been developed and approved for issuance. Upon such issuance, NAO 217-104 will be revoked.
  2. The Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator signs because there is no delegation of authority for this NAO.

An electronic copy of this Order will be posted in accordance with Chapter 100 of the NOAA Records Control Schedule on the NOAA Office of the Chief Administrative Officer website under the NOAA Administrative Issuances Section:


Signed Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator

Office of Primary Interest:

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer