Winter driving: Watch out for these 4 'sneaky' hazards

Winter is here! From shopping to taking road trips to visit relatives during the holidays, drivers can encounter many hazardous conditions during the winter months.


Snow and ice are the obvious weather conditions that can be extremely dangerous for any driver. 

But there are also 4 'sneaky' hazards to be aware of that can be fatal but might not be obvious at first glance. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and watch this short video to safety-proof your commute or holiday travel this winter.

*For more sneaky driving hazards, be sure to see part two of this video.



Nearly 5,000 people killed and 418,000 injured

— every year in weather-related vehicle accidents in the United States. (USDOT)

Check out the National Weather Service's 2021 winter safety campaign to help you and your family stay weather-ready this season.