NOAA to hold media teleconference on 40 year evolution of sustainable fisheries management in the U.S.

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Magnuson-Stevens Act
UPDATED: April 27, 2016. This is now a teleconference, changed from an in-person roundtable
April 22, 2016 NOTE: This media event is now a TELECONFERENCE. See below for dial-in instructions.
Healthy coral reefs are one of Earth’s most valuable ecosystems, and support thousands of marine life species. Here, black sea bass swim through the reef in Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary.

With the Magnuson-Stevens Act, the primary law governing ocean fisheries management in U.S.waters, turning 40 this month, NOAA will feature speakers to discuss how the act serves as an international model for sustainable fisheries science, management, innovation, and collaboration.

Media roundtable on the effects of the Magnuson-Stevens Act on U.S. fisheries after 40 years. Both U.S. and international reporters may attend.

Thur., Apr. 28,  2:00 p.m. ET

Russell Smith, deputy assistant secretary for international fisheries, U.S. Department of Commerce and NOAA
Samuel Rauch, deputy NOAA assistant administrator for fisheries regulatory programs
Matt Tinning, senior campaign director, Environmental Defense Fund oceans program
Chris Brown,  president, board of directors, Seafood Harvesters of America
Rick Robins, chairman, Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council
Ciaran Clayton, director, NOAA Office of Communications

Interested media may call in to 1-888-810-9645, and use the passcode “MSA” 


Kate Brogan,,  301-427-8030