Damage Assessment and Restoration Plans


ALCOA INC. AND REYNOLDS METAL CO. (St. Lawrence). United States, State of New York and St. Regis Mohawk Tribe v.s Alcoa Inc. and Reynolds Metal Co., Civ. No. 7:13-cv-00337-NAM-TWD, Consent Decree (N.D.N.Y., lodged March 27, 2013). Complaint

  • Appendix A: Restoration and Compensation Determination Plan and Environmental Assessment
  • Appendix B: depiction of the Alcoa and Reynolds Sites.
  • Appendix C: depiction of the Coles Creek parcels.
  • Appendix D: depiction of the Wilson Hill parcels.
  • Appendix E: draft New York State easement.
  • Appendix F: 85% Design
  • Appendix G: expected elements of the 100% Design

Alcoa Point Comfort/Lavaca Bay.

  • Final Plan for Recreational Fishing Service Losses, dated 06/21/01; Final Plan for Ecological Injuries and Service Losses, dated 06/21/01.
  • Draft Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment (DARP/EA) for ecological injuries and service losses; Revised Draft, May 12, 2000 - Recreational Fishing Service Losses; Draft, Sept. 28, 1999 - Recreational Fishing Service Losses. 09/28/99 draft Restoration Plan.
  • US and State of Texas v. Alcoa, Inc. and Alco World Alumina LLC, Civ. No. V-04-119 (S.D.Texas), 12/10/04 (filed). CD, pp.1-30, CD, pp.31-end, Exhibits 1-3 1:Location map for project sites; 2: Description of Whitmire Property and Identification of Encumbrances; 3:Marsh Implementation Plan; Exhibits 4-6 4: Oyster Reef Implementation Plan; Implementation Plan for Recreational Projects; DOI/FWS Special Use Permit (for Marsh Project Implementation); Exhibits 7-8 7: TGLO Coastal Surface Lease (for Marsh Project Implementation); 8-TGLC Coastal Surface Lease (for Oyster Reef Project Implementation)
  • [Southeast DARRP web site.]




Applied Environmental Services (AES) and Shore Realty Superfund Site. Draft Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment. June 2001. NOAA, US Fish and Wildlife Service, NY State Department of Environmental Conservation. [CERCLA]. [Northeast DARRP web site.]

Army Creek (Delaware). Restoration Plan for Army Creek Landfill Settlement, New Castle County, Delaware. Oct. 1995. State of Delaware, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA. In four files: [1] [2] [3] [4]

ATHOS I [M/T] Final Restoration Plan, and Finding of No Significant Impact, dated September 2009. Draft Restoration Plan, dated January 2009; 74 Fed. Reg. 431, Jan. 6, 2009 public notice of availability of Draft Plan. See Athos I web site for additional information.

Bailey Waste SiteFinal Restoration Plan, dated 01/09/03. [Public review draft of Plan (10/18/02).]

Bayou Verdine, Calcasieu Parish, Lousiana. Draft Restoration Plan for Public Review, March 27, 2009. [Southeast DARRP web site.]

BEAVER CREEK. Final Restoration Plan for the March 4, 1999 American Transport, Inc. Gasoline Spill into Beaver Butte Creek, Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon. (April 3, 2009) [Northwest DARRP web site.]

Blackbird Mine (Idaho) Appendix B: Biological Restoration and Compensation Plan (2,224KB). [Northwest DARRP web site.]

Cantara Spill. Final NRDA Plan for Sacramento River: Cantara Spill. Oct. 1993. State of California, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, US Bureau of Reclamation. Contact the State of California Department of Fish and Game to obtain a copy of this Plan.

Cape Mohican. Final Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment, dated 03/21/02. (2069KB). Also still available: Complete Draft RP/EA in one file: [PDF] (342KB) and in five smaller files: Title through Sec. 3 (106KB) Sec. 4 (72KB) Sec. 4-cont. (75KB) Sec. 4-cont. (99KB) Sec. 5 to end (49KB). [Southwest DARRP web site.]

Casitas Grounding (M/V). March 2011. Final RP/EA for the July 2, 2005 Grounding at Pearl and Hermes Atoll, Northwest Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge, and Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument

Castro Cove (U.S. et al. v. Chevron). Draft FP/EA and Appendices. Nov. 2008. [Southwest DARRP web site.]

Chalk Point/Pepco. Final RP/EA and Appendix. 11/02. Final Plan for 04/07/00 oil spill at Chalk Point on the Patuxent River, Maryland. 05/02. Draft public review copy. [Northeast DARRP web site.]

Chevron (Hawaii) Oil Spill Restoration Plan/Environmental Assessment. The Final Plan, dated November 1999, is available for download as follows: HTML version (408KB) and an Adobe .pdf-formatted version: Cover-Sec. 2 (1173KB), Sec. 3 (1413KB), Sec. 4 (1082KB), Sec. 5-8 (765KB), Appendices (1495KB), and photos (2049). The five photos are also in an html format. The draft Plan will continue to be available for download (.pdf format) at this site. It is available in two parts: Sec.1-3 (3,951KB) and Sec. 4-end (3,939KB), and photos[Southwest DARRP web site.]

City of Tacoma. (Commencement Bay, Tacoma, WA). Consent Decree Appendices: App. A, Middle Waterway Estuarine Natural Resources Restoration Project Concept Plan/Sampling and Analysis Plan(4,075KB); App. A-continued, Middle WW file continued (1,523KB); App. B, Swan Creek Stream Restoration Project Concept Plan(2,228KB); App. C, Tahoma Salt Marsh Restoration Project Concept Plan (1,892KB); App. D, Hylebos Marsh and Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project Concept Plan (1,440KB); App. E, Olympic View Resource Area Project Concept Plan(1,586KB); App. F-I(2,550KB)
[Commencement Bay Trustees web site.]

Commencement Bay, Tacoma, WA. NRDA Restoration Plan (Wash.) (3,403KB). [Commencement Bay Trustees web site.]

[M/V] Command Oil Spill. Final Restoration Plan June 2004. Archive reference: public draft Restoration Plan (984KB) and Environmental Assessment, dated December 2003. [Southwest DARRP web site.]

Conoco (Louisiana). Consent Decree Exhibit I: (1822KB). Planned Restoration Activities at the Hippolyte-Coulee Site, dated Feb. 21, 1996.

CONOCOPHILLIPS. (Calcasieu Estuary Superfund Site, Louisiana). United States and the State of Louisiana v. CONOCOPHILLIPS CO. AND SASOL NORTH AMERICA, INC., Case 2:10-cv-01556-PM-KK (W.D.La., March 24, 2011)[CERCLA]: Consent Decree. Appendix A: Implementation Plan for Sabine Unit 1999 Restoration Project. Appendix B. Addresses for Notices Pursuant to Section XVI (Notices). Appendix C. Map of Calcasieu Estuarine Superfund Site. Appendix D. Bayou Verdine Site. Administrative Record. Appendix E. Special Use Permit issued by Sabine National Wildlife Refuge. Order approving entry of Consent Decree.

COSCO BUSAN. Restoration Plan and other Cosco Busan-related documents are available at the California Department of Fish and Game web site. 09/19/11. Press release announcing civil settlement with owners and operators of the M/V Cosco Busan, "Ship Owners and Operators to Pay $44 Million in Damages and Penalties for 2007 Bay Bridge Crash and Oil Spill" Consent Decree and complaint.

DALCO PASSAGE. (WA). United States et al. v. Polar Tankers, Inc., Civ. No. C10-0429-JCC (W.D. Wash., May 21, 2010). Also known as "Polar Tankers". Order Entering Consent Decree. proposed consent decree. United States et al. v. Polar Tankers, Inc., Civ. No. 2:10-cv-429 (W.D. Wash.), filed March 15, 2010. (Also known as "Polar Tankers") Draft Restoration Plan and Environmental AssessmentAppendices continued; and Complaint

DIAMOND Alkali Superfund Side Natural Resource Damage Assessment Plan. Nov. 2007 public review draft. [Northeast DARRP web site.]

Dixon Bay Restoration Plan (1287KB). [Southeast DARRP web site.]

DUPONT NEWPORT Superfund Site. Damage Assessment and Restoration Plan, Dec. 2006. [Northeast DARRP web site.]

Elliott Bay (Wash.) (City of Seattle settlement) Amendments to Concept Document (1,875KB) and Concept Document (Abridged) (457KB) [Northwest DARRP web site.]

Equilon Pipeline -- See Lake Barre.

Equinox (La.). 11/08/05 Final DARP for Equinox Oil Co. (Crude Oil Discharge; Lake Grande Ecaille, Louisiana). [Southeast DARRP web site.]

EXXON BAYWAY. United States v. Exxon Corporation, CV-91-1003 (EDNY)(June 14, 1991). Consent Decree Addressing Natural Resource Damages [CERCLA]. [Northeast DARRP web site.]

EXXON VALDEZ. See, Exxon Valdez Trustee offsite link web site for additional information. [Northwest DARRP web site.]

Ever Reach. Final Restoration Plan for the 2002 M/V Ever Reach Oil Spill, Charleston, South Carolina., May 15, 2012. Public Review Draft, July 24, 2009.

M/V Formosa Six Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment. 05/13/99. Natural recovery and intermediate marsh creation.

Fort Lauderdale Mystery Oil Spill. Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment. 08/26/02. 67 Fed. Reg. 59827 (09/24/02) notice. Draft DARP/EA (06/24/02) and 67 Fed. Reg. 42538 (06/24/02) Notice. 66 Fed. Reg. 39492 (07/31/01). "Notice of Intent to Conduct Restoration Planning," 03/15/01 Trustees’ NRDA assessment strategy and action plan.

Fortuna Reefer Fortuna Reef MOU (Attachment A to the settlement agreement) setting out the conduct of the emergency restoration activities. 9/11/97.

Galaxy/Spectron Site (Maryland) June 2008 Final Restoration Plan. Galaxy/Spectron FONSI, June 30, 2008. (March 2008 Draft Restoration Plan for public review and comment.) [Northeast DARRP web site.]

Mowitch Estuary Restoration Project (Commmencement Bay, Tacoma, Washington)
Photo 6: Mowitch Estuary Restoration Project (Commmencement Bay, Tacoma, Washington)
(NOAA web site)

Galveston (Apex Barges) Oil Spill Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment. 5/28/97. [Southeast DARRP web site.]

GREENS BAYOU. FINAL RESTORATION PLAN FOR GREENS BAYOU, HARRIS COUNTY, HOUSTON, TEXAS (12/14/08).GB BIOSCIENCES (Greens Bayou) (Texas). See: United States and the State of Texas v. GB Biosciences Corp., ISK Magnetics, Inc. and Occidental Chemical Corp., Civ. No. 4:13-cv-00151 (S.D.Tex), filed 01/22/13. proposed Consent Decree

High Island Restoration Plan. Anahuac Wildlife Refuge, Jackson Ditch Project - Water Control Structure. 10/92.

Iron Mountain Mine Iron Mountain Mine Trustee Council. 2000. Final Restoration Plan for Natural Resource Injuries From Iron Mountain Mine. Report of the Iron Mountain Mine Natural Resource Trustee Council, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR), California Department of Fish and Game, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Copies may be requested from: 'egrey@mp.usbr.gov','',0);">Eva Grey, USBR. [Southwest DARRP web site.]

Holyoke Coal Tar Deposits and Former Holyoke Gas Works, Connecticut River. Final Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment May 2012.

M/V Jacquelyn L. (Fla.Restoration (672KB) and Monitoring Plan for Grounding Site, Western Sambo Reef, Florida Keys Sanctuary. 11/21/97. [Stabilizing broken and dislodged dead coral fragments and transplating new colonies; repairing major fractures in reef.]

JULIE N OIL Spill (Maine) Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment for the September 27, 1996 Oil Spill. Final Plan dated 04/12/2000. File 1 of 2 and File 2 of 2.

[M/V] KUROSHIMA OIL SPILL (Alaska). The final restoration plan is available as one file (5236KB) or in separate sections.The photos are also in web page format for easier viewing. Secs. 1-3 (2341KB); Secs. 4-5 (3163KB); Secs. 6-10 (2496KB); Secs. 11 (3085KB); Secs. 12 (1529KB); Secs. 13 (228). Also still available: Draft restoration plan[Northwest DARRP web site.]

LAKE BARRE (EQUILON PIPELINE) (Louisiana) Final Restoration Plan. For additional information, contact 'john.kern@noaa.gov','',0);">John Kern or 'loscolorentz@linknet.net','',0);">Warren Lorentz, Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinators Office. Draft Restoration Plan. United States and the State of Louisiana v. Equilon Pipeline Company, LLC, f/d/b/a Texaco Pipeline, Inc., Civ. No. 99-2961 (E.D. La., Nov. 15, 1999). CD-#1, CD-#2, and the Exhibits: Exh. 1: Rest. Plan, Exh. 2: site access grant, Exh. 3: Monitoring Plan. Also available: Complaint and other Notices/Motions. [Southeast DARRP web site.]

Lake Salvador (Louisiana) Restoration Project , (391KB) [Located on Salvador Wildlife Management Area; Netherlands Area Project.]

Lavaca Bay/Alcoa Point Comfort. See Alcoa Point Comfort above.

Liberty Industrial Finishing Superfund Site, Farmingdale, Nassau County, New York. Final RP/EA. 8/30/05. [Northeast DARRP web site.]

Louisiana Regional Restoration Planning Program, Establishing and Implementation of Natural Resource Trust Mandates, LA, EIS No. 20060540, Final Programmatic EIS. Notice of Availability of a Final Regional Restoration Plan for Region 2

LOWER DUWAMISH RIVER. (Elliott Bay; Lower Duwamish, Wash.). [Northwest DARRP web site.]

Lower Fox River/Green Bay Aug. 1996. [CERCLA] Assessment Plan. For reference only: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Plan. In 8 files (each approx. 800KB): [1][2][3] [4][5][6] [7][8]

[S.S. Jacob] Luckenbach and Associated Mystery Oil Spills. Final Plan, Plan dated 11/01/06.

[M/V] Miss Beholden (Fla.) Grounding Site, Western Sambo, Reef, FKNMS Natural Resource Damage Assessment Plan, March 13, 1993, and its Technical Appendix . Plan dated 08/16/95.

Mobil Mining & Minerals Company (Texas) Wetland Restoration Plan. File 1 of 2 (1309KB); File 2 of 2 (1317KB). 9/19/95. [35-acre site with 17 acres of tidally influenced wetlands and uplands and 18 acres of freshwater wetlands and uplands, near Houston Ship Channel, City of Pasadena, Texas.]

Montrose Settlements Restoration Program. 10/05.

he Final RP/EIS is available by sections:

Morris J. Berman. April 2006. Draft RP/EA for Morris J. Berman Oil Spill, San Juan, Puerto Rico. [Northeast DARRP web site.]

Mattiace Petrochemical Company Superfund Site, Glen Cove, Nassau County, New York. April 23, 2007. [Northeast DARRP web site.]

Mulberry Phosphates, Inc./Alafia Acidic Process Water Spill. Jan. 2008. Final Estuarine Restoration Implementation Plan supplementing the 07/21/2000 Final Restoration Plan for the December 7,1997 Alafia River Spill. Draft Supplement to the Plan: Draft Estuarine Restoration Implementation PlanJan. 2008 Final Estuarine Restoration Implementation Plan [Southeast DARRP web site.]

New Bedford Superfund Site. Restoration Plan. The Final RP/EA is available, along with the Record of Decision for the EIS. A copy of the draft plan is still available for download: 13 files: TOC:[1] Ch. 1:[2]Ch. 2:[3] Ch. 3:[4]Ch. 4:[5] Ch. 5:[6]Ch. 6:[7] Ch. 7[8]Ch. 8:[9] Ch. 9[10]Ch. 10a:[11] Ch. 10b:[12]Append:[13][Northeast DARRP web site.]

New Carissa Final DARP/EA 01/06.

North Cape Revised Draft Plan. April 5, 1999. Final projects, attached to Consent Decree; Appendix A: Trustee Memorandum of Agreement; Appendix B: Lobster Restoration Project; Appendix C: Use of Funds in North Cape Oil Spill Restoration Account. Restoration plan revisions.

North Pass (Louisiana). North Pass Settlement Agreement Among US NOAA and FWS/DOI; Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator's Office, Office of the Governor; Louisiana Department of Natural Resources; Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries; Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality; and Devon Louisiana Corp. See also: Final DARP (May 2005) and Restoration Implementation and Monitoring Plan (RIMP)(describes the construction, monitoring, and reporting requirements for the Octave Pass crevasse-splay marsh creation project, to be constructed in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service operated Delta National Wildlife Refuge, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana)

Occidental Chemical Corp. (Commencement Bay, Tacoma, WA). Appendix A, East 11th Street Tideflats Restoration Project Description. United States, et al. v. Occidental Chemical Corp., et al., Civ. No. C09-5246RJB (W.D. Wash., Aug. 18, 2009). See also, Consent Decree

Olympic Pipeline (Wash.)/Whatcom Creek. Final Restoration Plan - in four files: [1] (3500KB) [2] (3652KB) [3] (2948KB) [4] (3389KB). Draft Restoration Plan. As two files: Plan (7583KB) and Appendices (4480KB). Sec. 10 is also available as three HTML files: [Figs. 1-15] [Figs. 16-30] [Figs. 31-46]. For reference-settlement package: 11/12/04. Consent Decree, Orders Establishing Registry and transferring payments to bankruptcy COLB; Attachments to the CD: Final Restoration Plan, Sec. 1-3 Sec. 4-6 Sec. 7 figs/photos Att. B, C -- Att. B: Monitoring Plan, Att. C: Agreement for Payment of Funds.

Pago Pago Harbor Emergency Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment for Pago Pago Harbor, American Samoa. September 1, 1999.

Palmer Barge Waste SiteDraft Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment for the Palmer Barge Waste Site, Port Arthur, Jefferson County, Texas. Jan. 12, 2007. Draft Implementation and Monitoring Plan for Old River South Marsh Restoration Project (Lower Neches Wildlife Management Area)

Posavina Oil Spill of June 8, 2000 in East Boston, Massachusetts. Draft Restoration Plan August 2003. In two files: Title through Sec. 3 (2,867KB) and Sec. 4 (rest.) to end (2271KB). 01/01/04 Final DARP/EA.

Presidente Rivera Oil Spill of June 1989. Final Restoration Plan, August 1996. In two files: File 1 of 2 (790KB) and File 2 of 2 (906KB). Appendix I: Marsh Project Proposal; Appendix II, Memorandum of Understanding Between the Office of Natural Resource Damages and the Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife; Appendix III: Fort Mott State Park Pier Rehabilitation; Appendix IV (not available at this time). [Northeast DARRP web site.]

Rose Atoll, Draft Restoration Plan: File 1 of 2 File 2 of 2, Feb. 2000. for Rose Atoll, National Wildlife Refuge. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources, The Government of American Samoa.

Rose Hill Landfill Site, Rhode Island. Final Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment May 2012.

SANTA CLARA [M/V]. United States v. M/V Santa Clara and Kyriakopoulos Internacional et al., Order. CA No. 2:92-0389-8 (D.S.Car., Feb. 7, 1994). [Northeast DARRP web site.]

Salvors, Inc. (Fla.) Seagrass Restoration (146 KB) and Monitoring Plan. United States v. Fisher et al. (Civ. No. 92-10027, S.D. Fla., 1992). 1/97. [Restoration of 1.55 acres of seagrasses in Florida Keys Sanctuary.]

SELENDANG AYU. See USFWS Trustee web site. [Northwest DARRP web site.]

Spectron (Fla.) Also known as the Galaxy/Spectron Site (Maryland) June 2008 Final Restoration Plan. Galaxy/Spectron FONSI, June 30, 2008. (March 2008 Draft Restoration Plan for public review and comment.)

Tampa Bay (Fla.)

  • Exhibit A to Consent Decree (1804KB): "Restoration and Compensation Plan for Biological and Physical Natural Resource Injuries";
  • Exhibit B to Consent Decree File 1 of 2 (3042KB): "Damage Assessment and Restoration Plan/Environmental Assessment for the August 10, 1993 Tampa Bay Oil Spill"(Final Plan dated June 1997); and Exhibit B File 2 of 2 (2875KB): Plan (cont.)
  • Exhibit C (210KB): "Implementation of Cross Bayou Project and Salt Marsh Restoration Protocols and Procedures for Trustee Oversight."
  • The Final Restoration Plan: Human Use and Recreational Injuries, dated November 28, 2000, is now available. The public notice provides additional information on the Plan.
  • The Draft Restoration Plan is still available for download and reference. (MAY OR MAY NOT BE CURRENT LINK:) 07/01/02 public notice.
  • Supplement to RP/EA. Volume I: Ecological Injuries (04/23/03).
  • [Southeast DARRP web site.]

Tenyo Maru (Wash.). Final Restoration Plan: In four files: Title through Sec. 2:[1] (815KB), Sec. 3: [2] (929KB), Sec. 4 - App. A: [3] (842KB), and App. B to end: [4] (813KB).

Tex Tin Corp. Superfund Site (Texas). Final Restoration Plan, dated July 9, 2001. In two files: [1] and [2] (marsh habitat creation). [Northwest DARRP web site.]

Tesoro Hawaii Oil Spill. The Final RP/EA is available in two formats -- HTML and PDF: Section 1Section 2Section 3Section 4Section 5-8; and Appendices; and in HTML: Plan and Appendices. The Draft RP/EAis still available for download: Sec. 1, Sec. 2, Sec. 3 and Figures 1-3, Sec. 4, Sec. 5 to end. [Southwest DARRP web site.]

Tulalip Landfill (WA). draft Restoration Plan (2,182KB)(Acquisition) and Word Perfect 5.0 version, without figures (67KB). A Restoration Plan is being drafted for the Qwuloolt project. [Northwest DARRP web site.]

[M/V]Westchester Crude Oil Discharge (Louisiana). Final Restoration Plan (dated 12/21/01) for the M/V Westchester Crude Oil Discharge, Lower Mississippi River, Louisiana, Nov. 28, 2000 (6568KB). Also available in two files: pages 1-35 (2940KB) and pages 36-74 (3673KB). [Also still available: 11/28/00. Public Review Copy of Restoration Plan.]. United States and the State of Louisiana v. Marine Oil Trader 3, Ltd. and Ermis Maritime Corp., Civ. No. 03-2030, Section L (E.D.La., Sept. 15, 2003). Consent Decree (2058KB). Complaint (780KB). [Southeast DARRP web site.]

Weyerhaueser Plymouth Mill, Martin County, N.C. Phase 1 Final Restoration Plan. Nov. 2006

Whatcom Creek -- see Olympic Pipeline (Wash.) Final Restoration Plan - in four files: [1] (3500KB) [2] (3652KB) [3] (2948KB) [4] (3389KB). Draft Restoration Plan. As two files: Plan (7583KB) and Appendices (4480KB). Sec. 10 is also available as three HTML files: [Figs. 1-15] [Figs. 16-30] [Figs. 31-46].

[M/V] World Prodigy (RI), Final Restoration Plan: File 1 of 4, File 2 of 4, File 3 of 4, File 4 of 4. March 1996. Narrangansett Bay, Rhode Island.