2019 Science Olympiad: Glaciers, glaciation, and long-term climate change

Resources for the 2019 Science Olympiad challenge in glaciers, glaciation, and long-term climate change

U.S. National Ice Center 

The National Ice Center (NIC) is a partnership between NOAA, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Coast Guard. NIC offers forecasts, analyses, and monitoring of sea ice, as well as seasonal information. 

NOAA SciJinks Glacier Image Gallery

Scijinks provides a gallery of beautiful images of glaciers. Some are from observers on the ground or from boats, and other images are from satellites, including Landsat.

National Snow and Ice Data Center Educational Resourcesoffsite link

National Snow and Ice Data Center Educational Resources provides materials for students to investigate and learn about glaciers, ice sheets, and other features of Earth’s cryosphere, as well as a glossary of terms. Resources include an introduction to data from NASA’s Operation IceBridge,offsite link which collects observations of from airplanes to monitor changes in glaciers, ice sheets, and ice shelves through time.

U.S. Global Change Research Program - Alaska

Explore how climate impacts glaciers in Alaska and sea ice along Alaskan coasts, as well as the communities of people who live in Alaska. Explore the educational content from the 2014 National Climate Assessment.

Glacier National Park: Climate Change

This National Park Service page includes a summary of the impacts of climate change on Glacier National Park’s glaciers and how these changes impact water, vegetation, and wildlife within the park. USGS Repeat Photography Project shows how glaciers and associated vegetation have changed over time

USGS Glacier and Climate Project

Explore an overview of USGS efforts to monitor the mass balance of North American glaciers and the changes over time. The glaciers monitored as part of this program are all subject to different climatology, which impacts the patterns in mass balance data for each. Additional information includes a description of how different types of measurements are used

NASA Landsat Education Resource

Learn all about Landsat through this collection of educational resources from NASA. Browse beautiful images of Earth’s surface from Landsat in the image gallery by typing “glacier” into the search box at the upper right of the gallery. Find images of glacier changes over time

NASA Cryospheric Research

Investigate NASA data and projects related to glaciers and ice sheets, including links to satellite missions that monitor the cryosphere and how it changes over time. Explore visualizations of changes in ice sheets and sea level rise related to changes in ice sheets. Be sure to learn about ICESat-2, an important satellite mission for monitoring changes in ice on Earth. ICESat-2 was launched on September 15, 2018 and students can learn more through the “Fun Zone” on the ICESat-2 web site

Arctic Meteorology and Oceanography Training Course from COMET MetEDoffsite link

The NOAA-sponsored MetEd program structured education and training resources related to earth science topics at a variety of difficulty levels. Search for courses and training modules on many topics; the Arctic Meteorology and Oceanography course includes a module on sea ice, icebergs, and their climatology.

Polar Geospatial Center Map Collectionoffsite link

Explore this comprehensive collection of polar maps, browsable by the Arctic and Antarctic. A map of Antarcticaoffsite link released in September 2018 shows its geography and surface, including its ice shelvesoffsite link