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Common measure definitions
Did you know that in fiscal year 2016, NOAA Education reached more than 2.6 million youth and adults? Or that over 3,700 postsecondary students received training in NOAA-related fields? It's true. We collect information on outputs and outcomes from education programs across NOAA to share the great work our educators do. This collection includes the definitions of our measures. It's intended for members of the NOAA Education Council who submit data for our annual accomplishments, but we wanted to share it publicly so that our partners, evaluators, and any one else who's interested can see how we get our numbers.
NOAA Educators group photo at National Marine Educators Association conference in Charleston, South Carolina on June 26, 2017.
Monitoring & Evaluation Framework
The NOAA Education Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (2010) outlines a vision of evaluation for the NOAA Education community. It envisions a cultural norm within the agency in which evaluation is an integral part of program management.
Fourth grade students learn more about NOAA's global ocean drifters. From their classroom, they'll be able to track the drifter as it travels around the world ocean.
Professional Development Outcomes
In 2014, the NOAA Education Council adopted two common measures to report on the outcomes of professional development programs. This page contains definitions about the measures as well as tools to help you collect that data for reporting purposes.
Ship at sea.
Knack Training Materials
Are you a NOAA Educator who needs some help entering data into the Knack database? If so, you are in the right place. This page contains training materials developed for the B-WET Program, the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, and the National Estuarine Research Reserve System.