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Evaluation Resources

NOAA Office of Education presenters, John Baek, Christos Michalopoulos, Valerie Williams, Steve Storck, Jessica Cooper, Marissa Jones (left to right) at American Evaluation Association on November 11, 2017 in Washington, DC. Panel titled, "Five Not-so-easy Pieces: From Strategic Planning to Performance Measurement."

Evaluation is not just about collecting data and writing up a report that explains the value of your program. That's part of it, but there's much more to an effective evaluation. Evaluation is about looking at your own program and challenging your assumptions using evidence that can inform decisions. It's a tall order, and we can’t afford to start every evaluation from scratch. Therefore, we developed this collection for NOAA staff who evaluate their own education programs. It includes definitions and tools you can use to help meet monitoring and evaluation requirements and improve your programs.

Overview of NOAA Education

NOAA staff with Teacher at Sea Alumni and Climate Stewards at a national National Science Teacher Association annual conference.

This course will help you become more familiar with the role of education in achieving NOAA’s mission. In seven short modules, we walk you through the who, what, where and why of NOAA education. Whether you are new to NOAA, new to NOAA Education, or just curious to learn more — this series is for you!