Elementary resources: Earth science

Climate Change & Coral Activities
4th - 12th grade

Students learn how climate change impacts the ocean through activities that help them understand ocean acidification, melting ice caps, and thermal expansion of water.

Ducks in the Flowoffsite link
3rd - 5th grade    Teacher guide    Links to standards

Students use scientific inquiry and data gathering skills to learn about force, motion, and ocean currents using the true story of toys that fell off a ship during a storm and drifted to various places. 

Elementary GLOBE
K - 4th grade    Teacher guide 

Students learn about Earth systems through science-based fictional story books and accompanying lesson plans. The seven books in this series cover air quality, climate, clouds, Earth system, seasons, soil, and water.

Exploring Changes in Ocean Chemistry
4th - 5th grade    Uses data    Links to standards

Students test different water samples, analyze their results, and share their ideas about how to improve the experimental design. 

Help Nemo Find His Home!offsite link
3rd - 8th grade    Teacher guide    Links to standards

Students learn about how ocean acidification affects the olfactory senses of clownfish.

Hydrography, Mapping the Ocean Floor with a Sounding Box
2nd - 4th grade    Links to standards

Students are introduced to hydrography, make their own sounding box, and map the “ocean floor” of another group's sounding box.

Marine Debris Monitoring Toolkit for Educators
4th - 8th grade    Teacher guide    Uses data

Students conduct local marine debris surveys and enter their data into a national database, becoming stewards of their communities.

The Methane Circus
5th - 6th grade    Links to standards

Students learn about the role methane hydrates played in animal evolution during the Cambrian Explosion, 541 million years ago. Students also learn how methane hydrates may contribute to climate change.

Mysteries in the Ocean
3rd - 5th grade

Students learn about ocean floor features and how scientists explore and map these underwater landscapes.

Severe Weather Awareness Week
K - 1st grade    Teacher guide    Links to standards

Students learn about severe weather and severe weather preparedness in this collection of lesson plans. 

What's the Story with Sand?offsite link
4th - 6th grade    Teacher guide    Links to standards

Students learn how sand forms, how to recognize different types, and how to tell sand apart from soil and other small particles. 

Winged Ambassadorsoffsite link
5th - 12th grade    Teacher guide    Uses data    Links to standards

In this collection of five lessons, students learn about albatrosses, their migration patterns, and how they are impacted by marine debris.