EPP Alumna Charlene Hurst

Charlene Hurst

EPP Alumna & Endangered Species Specialist for NOAA Fisheries

Dr. Charlene Hurst completed her doctoral degree in Microbiology through the Educational Partnership Program with Minority Serving Institutions in September 2014 under the guidance of Dr. Jerri Bartholomew at Oregon State University. Charlene’s work at Oregon State focused on understanding the interaction between salmon and trout hosts and their parasites as well as parasite-parasite interactions within the host. Her work culminated in several peer-reviewed articles that are included in her dissertation entitled “The Ecology of Parasite Interactions within Chinook Salmon”.

During her time at the NOAA Fisheries West Coast Regional Office, Charlene was provided the opportunity to learn more about the fisheries management process on the west coast through her attendance at meetings of the Pacific Fishery Management Council and with fishery stakeholders. She was mentored by Ms. Heidi Taylor from NOAA’s Sustainable Fisheries Division in the Long Beach West Coast Regional Office on both salmon and steelhead and highly migratory species (e.g. tunas, billfish) issues. Charlene now works for NOAA’s Sustainable Fisheries Division in the Portland, Oregon, West Coast Regional Office on Endangered Species Act Consultations for West Coast hatchery programs.