Sharpen your science skills with NOAA’s webinars for educators

Bring the experts to your desktop with these online learning opportunities
August 6, 2018

As summer comes to an end, we’re sharing NOAA resources to help educators brush up on ocean and atmospheric science. NOAA offers professional development webinars for teachers that cover the latest science topics and teaching approaches. Here’s an overview of some of our ongoing series that were specially developed with teachers in mind!

From July 24-26, Nicole Harris, Education Specialist for NOAA's Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, held a teacher training workshop with the Pacific Education Institute on how to incorporate ocean acidification into their classrooms. The workshop included excursions to local tidepools at Ruby Beach, and here Nicole walks with a teacher to explore species at low tide.

National Marine Sanctuaries

This series from the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries connects teachers with experts, resources, and training to bring ocean and climate literacy into the classroom. Upcoming webinars will take place on August 22, September 25, and October 17 starting at 6:00 pm Eastern (3:00 pm Pacific). These webinars will focus on invasive seaweed, marine plastics, and ocean acidification. Register for upcoming webinars or view archived videos.

NOAA Planet Stewards

The National Ocean Service brings you monthly webinars presented by scientists, communicators, and educators on a wide range of topics, from natural resource conservation to severe weather events. Webinars usually take place on the first Monday of the month at 7:30 pm Eastern (4:30 pm Pacific). Recent topics include climate modeling, science literacy, and changing sea levels. You can sign up to receive notifications for future events and view archived presentations.

A recent Ocean Exploration webinar looked at sunken history from WWII at Midway Island, Hawaii,  like the remains of the USS Macaw.
A recent Ocean Exploration webinar looked at sunken history from World War II at Midway Island, Hawaii, such as the remains of the USS Macaw. (NOAA)

Ocean Exploration

NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research offers behind-the-science webinars that introduce teachers to upcoming underwater expeditions and make connections to online education modules, lessons, and resources. Upcoming webinars will be announced on the Ocean Explorer website. Recent topics include deep sea corals, sunken history from World War II, and deep sea habitats. Check for upcoming webinars and find archived videos here.

Sharing Ocean Acidification Resources for Communicators and Educators (SOARCE)

This ongoing webinar series hosted by the NOAA Ocean Acidification Program provides educators with the tools they need to incorporate cutting-edge science and communication resources into their teaching. SOARCE webinars are offered quarterly. Past topics have included science communication and the carbon cycle. Find more information here.

NOAA also offers in-person professional development workshops for educators throughout the year.  Find opportunities, education resources, and more at the NOAA Education Portal.